ZedSplode, A Highly Addictive iOS Game Worth Downloading [App Review]

ZedSplode_IconZedSplode is a free game which will have you addicted and lost in a zany world of space, weird scientists and plenty of explosions. This will be your new favourite game and involves a musician called Eddie Vezzer.

Eddie Vezzer has been invaded by the Zeds; that is his heart, spine, and brain – taken over by these nasty little critters whose only aim is to destabilize our heroic musician. But this is where you come along; only you can save the day for Eddie and get rid of the Zeds and their invasive procedures on our heroic musical talent.

To eliminate the Zeds you will need to use your arsenal of weapons at your disposal. If you think these weapons will be handed to you on plate, then think again. You must earn them and ultimately use them to explode the Zeds.ZedSplode_Screenshot1_iPhone_6

Try and get as many “chain” explosions as possible as this method manages to eradicate the Zeds more quickly and efficiently. There are plenty of different weapons to be used and it’s up to you to decide which weapons will be most dynamic in certain circumstances. There are magnets which can be used to suck up the Zeds and immobilize them; there are also many repulsers which can repel the Zeds back to where they once came.

One of the weapons you will really like is the ice bomb, a loud almost sonic-like boom which shatters shards of ice particles over the enemy and certainly puts those Zeds in their rightful place. There are also linear and horizontal weapons, so the Zeds can be attacked from the side or from above or below as necessary.

Among the battle format you will be undertaking will be drone fighting, where you’ll attack drones sent to drop the Zeds into our heroic musicians’ inner body parts; you will also have to fend off the sergeants and do battle with the majors too.ZedSplode_Screenshot2_iPhone_6


The Zeds also have big bosses too, so they can control their armies with frightening military precision. Your task is clear and you will have to have your wits about you if you want to defend our Eddie from infection. The spine, brain and Eddie’s heart are all up for grabs as far as the Zeds are concerned and it’s up to you to save the day and keep Eddie playing his great tunes for all to hear.

(4 / 5)

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