How Zap Zap Math Can Make Your Child A Genius

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zap zap mathIt’s no longer a secret that our kids today grow up with internet addiction. It’s a global problem, and allover the world we see kids at playgrounds playing with iPhones and iPads, instead of playing with each other. While we probably should address this issue and battle against it, we can also be clever and work around this problem, instead of working against it. A good example of utilising this children’s addiction in child’s favour would be the ZAP ZAP Math game. A genius idea which makes use of kids undivided attention to teach them math in the most fun and interactive way.  Aimed at kids from 3 to 6 years old, it features 23 games with new games added twice monthly, to keep their interest alive. As a parent, you can peep behind the scenes and secretly keep track of your child’s advancement.  Math is the ultimate tool to advance child’s development skills, however in today’s busy world, it’s very hard to win children’s attention with a piece of paper and a few colourful pens. 

ZAP ZAP Math is a vivid, bright and interactive game with high quality, amusing graphics, which manages to hold child’s scattered attention and entice them into the world of multiplication, geometry, expression and subtraction…

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If your child spends useless hours playing games that do not contribute to their mental development (often on the contrary!), simply install ZAP ZAP Math, and allow them to discover for themselves the captivating world of learning. Learning can, and should be, fun! This game is absolutely FREE to download and play, it’s ranked as the“Best New App” in 10 Countries across iTunes store, it’s has “5 Star Educational App Store Certification”and was recommended by all the biggest software review websites such as TechCrunch and cNet.

Prepare your toddler with this cleaver learning app and enjoy being a proud parent when he or she enters elementary school!

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