You’re Fluent in Every Language with ‘iTranslate’ [App Review]

iTranslate-iconSpeaking a second language fluently is something I wish I would’ve taken more seriously growing up. Sure, I took a foreign language class in school, German to be exact, since it was required to graduate, but the best part was the party we had each semester included tons of great food. I remember a lot of the foreign foods I got to eat in class, but I’d be lucky if I could ask what time is it in German. Thankfully my iPhone has my back, like always, now that I’m armed with iTranslate.

With over 90 languages and 50 million downloads, iTranslate is an industry leader in language translation. This amazingly helpful app has voice recognition to type and listen to translations you need. You’re able to select different dialects, a male or female voice and control the rate of speech to ensure you, as well as others, are able to understand translations.

iTranslate lets you use swipe and tap gestures to complete numerous tasks. Swiping gives you access to different menus and options available within the app. Tapping for translation, which is a premium feature, starts recording your voice for text-to-speech translations. When you tap and hold, you’re taken to a text screen where you’re able to input a phrase you need translated.

One feature I like about iTranslate is the Phrasebook. Here you’re able to store common phrases you need the most. With Phrasebook, they’re quickly recallable right when you need them. iTranslate is fast at translating what you need when you need it, but having Phrasebook makes it even faster.

Another great feature you get with iTranslate is the ability to share translations. Simply select the share button after the translation is complete and you can quickly and easily send your translation to friends or family via email, text, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also select the copy button and then paste the translation into the app you’d like.iTranslate-iPhone-6-Plus-Screenshot

iTranslate also features a handy function called AirTranslate. With this feature, you’re able to connect to another device with iTranslate on it and easily engage in conversation with them. If the person you’re traveling with also has an iPhone with iTranslate on it, you can use their phone as the second device just in case the person you’re conversing with doesn’t have everything required to use AirTranslate.

The only negative thing I can say about iTranslate is it requires an internet connection to work. If you plan on traveling abroad and relying on it to communicate, you’ll need an international data plan on your cellular account. Otherwise, you’ll need a WiFi connection to use iTranslate without being charged for data usage while traveling.

I realize requiring an internet connection to use iTranslate is pretty much industry standard, so I can’t really hold that against them too much. The file size of an app which holds as many languages as iTranslate does would be enormous. Therefore, an internet connection is the only way you’re able to access this amazing communication specialist.

Translate is available for free in the App Store. For a one time fee of $4.99 you can remove the ads and unlock the voice recognition feature, which is spectacular. If you’re in need of an amazing translation app, you cannot go wrong with iTranslate.

[usr 5] You’re never at a lose for words with iTranslate—it’s amazing!!

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