Your Virtual Paperboy Has Arrived [App Review]

Nuzzel_iconThere’s a virtual paper boy waiting to throw news at you. Hire him today by visiting the App Store and downloading Nuzzel. I hired him thanks to Jessica Bahr (@JessaBahr) and iPhone Life Magazine (@iphonelife) introducing us. Your virtual paperboy will gather all the stories your friends and connections are sharing on Facebook and Twitter and deliver them to you throughout the day on your iPhone or iPad. You don’t have to tip him around the holidays or even pay a monthly fee for this news ninja. He knows everything you want and more and you’re going to fall for him very quickly.

When you need to grab your news quick, the curation of relevant content is crucial. Here’s where Nuzzel has your back and it’s all thanks to your friends. When you first fire up Nuzzel, sign in using your Facebook or Twitter account. If you use your Facebook account to sign in you can still add your Twitter account andNuzzel_iPhone_screenshot vice-versa. It’s important to add both so you don’t miss anything your friends are sharing since some of your connections don’t interact with both of these social media giants. For me, my Facebook and Twitter accounts look vastly different from one another when it comes to who I’m friends with or following. As a result, the content Nuzzel throws my way has more depth.

I’ve found my Facebook friends keep me laughing from the stories they share, whereas my Twitter account keeps me informed with news, current events and everything Apple. This well balanced diet of content keeps me interacting with Nuzzel throughout the day. Nuzzel allows me to visit one app instead of alternating back and forth between the Facebook and Twitter apps on my iPhone or iPad. Nuzzel is keeping me informed while saving me precious time!

Nuzzel gives you better access to all the great, or not so great, stories your friends are sharing. It’s easy to lose information from your news feed or timeline from your favorite social media sites. Nuzzel lets you filter out what you might consider noise, pictures of your friends dog or kitten, there favorite Vine videos, etc., and gives you the news your contacts are sharing.

It’s still important to interact with the Facebook or Twitter app so you are able to find other friends and connections to keep the news flowing. You may discover, thanks to Nuzzel, some of your connections aren’t on the same page anymore based on what they’re sharing. It just might be time to take a break from one another.

Another great feature you’re gonna love with Nuzzel is how you can set it up to send you news alerts. I have Nuzzel setup to notify me when three of my connections share the same story. This feature reminds me of those times your watching television and the news cuts in with a breaking story at the most inopportune time. Now you hold the power though since you decide when you’re going to drop what you’re doing to find out what’s so important amongst your friends.Nuzzel_interactive_notification

Let’s face it, some of our friends or connections share some really good information and if you’re not constantly checking your news feed or timeline, you’re inevitably going to miss something. With Nuzzel you’re able to open one app and easily view all the great stories they’re sharing on both Facebook and Twitter. Setup Nuzzel to sort information shared by your connections in the last hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours or 24 hours. You can even sort by dates.

Stay in the loop with your friends by downloading Nuzzel for free in the App Store today. Be sure to like iOS Etc on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to capture all the information we share with our friends. You can even subscribe to iOS Etc on the right side of this page to receive an email when new content goes live.

(4.5 / 5)


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