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ParkbudIconI love to get out and explore, but there’s one thing I’ve learned about exploring in downtown Chicago; parking is a complete nightmare. I always do a bit of research before heading downtown so I don’t inadvertently pick the most expensive places to park. Hopefully an app I’ve downloaded from the iOS App Store will help all of us avoid the woes of parking in unfamiliar places nationwide. Parkbud – Parking & Travel Guide by Wunderstadt is free for a very limited time and it’ll help you find available parking options around your location and, in some cases, you can pay to park right from your iPhone or iPad. Never let the meter expire on you again with Parkbud since users can track how much time is left on the meter and, if the options is available where you’ve parked, you can feed the meter right on your iDevices. How convenient is that? There are a lot more options available within Parkbud like directions back to your car, a location guide with points of interest, and so much more. If you’re heading out this Fourth of July weekend and traveling to unfamiliar territory, you need Parkbud on your iOS device to avoid the pitfalls of parking.


Voted by Apple as one of the Top 5 Best Navigation Apps of the Year – AppStore Rewind 

Parkbud™ is a simple travel app that helps you find and navigate to places and parking including parking garages around you while keeping track of your parking, paying for parking through your phone, and hooking up directly to a variety of navigation tools.

With Parkbud™ you are able to: 

  • Find, navigate to, & bookmark nearby parking & points of interest (Parking Garages, Restaurants, Gas, Repair, Home, Your Car, You name it…)
  • Pay for parking anywhere in the world where mobile payment is accepted
  • A Location Guide with Points of Interest, descriptions, ratings, and contact info
  • Track your parking time & parking location (even when GPS not available!)
  • Get Reminders before your meter expires
  • Instant Directions: Up to the second directions back to your car or any interesting places
  • Hook-in to your favorite Navigation tool via Parkbud™. Parkbud™ supports: Apple Maps, Goog** Maps, Navigon, TomTom, Waze, Sygic, and many more
  • Calculate & remember Parking Costs based on time of day, duration, & parking rules
  • Create a Library of Parking Payment Data so you can pay / renew parking from anywhere
  • Make Phone Calls or SMS to purchase parking within Parkbud™
  • Native Maps & Open Street Maps support
  • Compass
  • Flashlight
  • Add, Take, Upload, & Edit A Photo of locations, fees, & restrictions
  • Quick Reminders: Jot down parking level & fees, errands to run, etc.
  • Fast Time Entry Slider with interactive End Time Preview Clock



  • App Store Rewind 2011
  • iTunes App of the Week
  • What’s Hot, New & Noteworthy – Worldwide
  • Gizmodo: App of the Day
  • Official App Store Twitter: “Who knew that finding parking with your iPhone could be so sexy?”
  • Chip Online: Top 10 Recommended Apps for your Car
  • Tipb: Staff Pick of the Week
  • Lifehacker: App of the Day
  • Featured in Appboy (5 Stars), App Scout, Computer Bild,, iPhone Life, PC Mag, Tech Radar & more
Parkbud™ for iPhone is probably one of the coolest ways to find out that your parking meter has just expired, complete with cool…sound effects, beautiful UI animations, & a lovely icon for your Springboard….” 

App Scout: “Sexy Parked Car Finder” 
Parkbud™ has the beauty & sophistication that quite possibly will encourage you to use it when you are only parked in your garage.” 

“ The app itself resembles a handcrafted, expensive timepiece, complete with simulated moving parts, ticking clock hands, rotating gears, & polished buttons that gives the app a defined, but techie feel. 

“The app doesn’t just look pretty either. Finding parking is accurate, setting the meter time is simple…”

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