Your Music & iOS Timer Can Help You Workout Better [Just A Tip]

How often do you use the timer on your iPhone or iPad? Over the summer I use it all the time while grilling. It’s the only thing that allows me to put properly cooked chicken breasts on the dinner table instead of a charred mess. My concept of time is horrible and it’s even worse when I try and workout. Thirty minutes on a treadmill or elliptical seems like it goes on forever and I’m constantly checking the timer. I love listen to music on my iPhone when I workout and there’s a way to listen to music and while using your timer to help you stop checking how much time is left in your workout.

If you also like to listen to your music while working out, why not set your timer to stop playing once you reach the time limit? Setting this up is extremely easy. In iOS 7, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and select the timer function. Set the timer to the amount of time you want to workout and then select “when timer ends.” Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list and select “stop playing.” Now when your timer is done the music will stop and your workout is finally done.

This helps me stop looking at the clock and just enjoy the music. Depending on the workout I’m doing, I like to make specific playlists to help get me through certain workouts.

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