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BeerSatchelIconIf you’re a beer fan, I have a great app you need to add to your iPhone or iPad today. With football season right around the corner, you’re probably planning to attend a few fantasy football drafts or maybe an opening day party. These parties aren’t complete without enjoying some good food and a few cold ones with friends. If you or one of your friends are notorious for exposing others to some great beers, you need to have Beer Satchel on your iPhone or iPad.

With Beer Satchel you’re able to search over 30,000 beers by name or brewery. Find something you like? Simply add it to your Must Try list so you don’t forget it when you head to the store or your next pub crawl. If it’s something you like, add it to Your Satchel for easy recall.

BeerSatchelScreenshotOne of the great things I like about Beer Satchel, and I’m sure you will too, is its ability to scan the barcode on a beer you’re enjoying to unlock a lot of great information. Once Beer Satchel finds your brew, it provides you with information about the beer along with its name, brewing company, alcohol content, and you can even add it to your “Must Try” list. This makes it super simple to keep track of all those new beers you want to check out.

Beer Satchel even allows you to connect your Facebook account so you can share what you’re enjoying with your friends.

Right now you can download Beer Satchel for free in the App Store. Normally it would set you back $0.99, so download it before they raise the price again. Even if you’re reading this after the sale is over, Beer Satchel is a great app purchase for those looking to keep track of their favorite beers no matter if you’re a casual beer drinker or a Cicerone.


Meet Beer Satchel, a new way to track the beers you and your friends like. No more confusing five-star ratings. Put beers you like in your satchel. Simple.

  • Add your favorite beers to your satchel
  • Track the beers you want to try next in your must try list
  • Access over 30,000 beers from BreweryDB
  • Scan barcodes to quickly find the beer in your hand
  • Connect with Facebook to show off your rare finds to your friends
  • Share your brews via Twitter, Facebook, email and text messages

Check out “the Critic’s” full review of Beer Satchel.

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