Your iPhone Is Invading Your Privacy and You Never Even Knew It [Just-A-Tip]

Privacy is something almost everyone demands, and rightfully so. One could argue the rise of social media has degraded our overall demand for privacy since a lot of us have invited life long friends all the way down to those we’ve never meet into our homes and everyday lives through Twitter or Instagram if your profiles aren’t private.

There are billions of us using social media today and a lot of us still crave privacy. I’m sure if you’re one of these users you’ve setup security and privacy settings accordingly and you’re probably fairly comfortable with your overall online presence. Would you be surprised to discover your iOS device is tracking your frequent locations to provide “useful location-related information”? Well, it is and it can track how many times you’ve been at a location and roughly how long you stayed there.

Does this sound like something you’d like to change? If so, iOS Etc shows you how.

To discover how much information is stored on your device or to change this settings, check out the animation below where we take you through the steps to view your information and edit this setting if you no longer wish to be tracked.iOS-Privacy

When you get a chance to review the information, you may be surprised to discover places like your home and work might already be labeled without you ever telling your device. I guess when you spend about eight hours somewhere, your iOS 7 or higher device determines this is probably where you work. Conversely, when you frequently spend the overnight hours at a location, most likely this is your home.

If you heavily guard your privacy, this is probably a setting you’re gonna want turned off. Those of you on the lookout for a sale and you have shopping apps on your iOS device that are using location services will probably leave this setting turned on so you don’t miss out on any location based opportunities.

I regularly use an app called Shopkick which allows me to simply scan items in-store for points or receive points when I make purchases at certain stores using a credit card setup on my account for rewards. Being a huge Apple fanboy, I collect points for iTunes gift cards so I can hopefully keep my retirement funds intact instead of giving it all to developers in the App Store. Keeping location services and frequent locations turned on helps me take advantage of all the location based information available to me. There are lots of times when we’re out running errands and I’ll receive an alert from Shopkick telling me about stores in my area offering points or “kicks” as Shopkick likes to call them. I choose to take advantage of any and all location based opportunities and never worry about tracking or storing this information on my device.

Apple reports none of the frequent location information stored on your device is shared with them. If you’re enjoying Pay on your device, frequent locations is setup sort of the same way. Your credit card information, just like your frequent location information, is accessible to you but not shared with anyone else. Everything is securely stored on your iOS 7 or later device.

If privacy is something you’re constantly craving in an ever changing social world, you’ve probably already turned this off before you got done with this article. Those of you who aren’t bothered by location information could care less since you’re probably taking advantage of a lot of great things location services has to offer. At the end of the day it all comes down to your own comfort level. It’s up to you to decide what you want stored about you and your locations.

Please share this information with others. A lot of iOS users are unaware of this setting and would like to turn it off or discover where someone has been. I’m sure a lot of parents will withhold this information from their kids if they want to have the ability to check-up on their whereabouts days later. You see parents, there are some advantages to this setting.

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