Your Counting Sheep to Fall Asleep Days are Numbered [News]

Counting sheep will soon be something you won’t do just to fall asleep thanks to both Divide By Sheep  and Russian and Ukrainian developers over at Bread Team. Instead, it appears this dark yet seemingly addictive math skills testing app will probably keep you up at night.

Alex Nichiporchik at tinyBuild  explains how Divide By Sheep was “born out of an idea to design a fun maths-based puzzler… but it quickly turned dark.” tinyBuild signed up Bread Team immediately after seeing the potential this dark yet comical app had to offer the gaming community.

Dividy-By-Sheep-ScreenshotDivide By Sheep is set to introduce us to over 100 puzzles spread across four worlds.

How do you play? Lifeboats are at the ready to safely carry sheep home and you’re required to bounce your soft furry friends to safety. Sounds pretty easy until you see hungry wolves and, well—how do I say this… laser walls which literally cut your sheep in half. Don’t worry though, it’s beneficial, for you anyway, since there’s limited space available on the islands used to transfer your sheep to in order to make it onto waiting lifeboats.

If it makes you feel any better, it appears from the teaser trailer those sheep cut in half are taped back together once safely on the lifeboat, which is totally logical from what I’ve read on the internet.

Divide By Sheep isn’t currently available to download. It’s hoping for a simultaneous release on mobile devices and Steam in the coming months. Until then, enjoy your final days of peacefully counting sheep at bedtime. Soon enough you’ll be dreaming of wolves chasing sliced up sheep, which is funny… I think.

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