Today: Sunday, May 26, 2019

Wanna write for iOS Etc?

WritersWantedAre you and your iOS devices inseparable? Do your friends and family members turn to you for advice and information about their iOS devices? Do you find your conversations with others usually involve discussing something about an iPhone or iPad? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should let your iOS views and opinions be heard!

I started iOS Etc in November of 2013 with the intention of sharing an everyday Joe’s perspective on iOS and everything it offers to us. iOS Etc is seeing a lot more traffic and I would like to share even more information with our followers, but I need more everyday Joe’s or Jane’s to get our iOS message out there to the public. There’s only so much one critic can do and I need your help.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy doing, email “the Critic” so we can discuss what you have to offer our readers. Thanks in advance for your interest!

-Jeremy “the Critic”


  1. Marc Henderson Reply


    that’s an amazing website you’re managing there. I was wondering if I could somehow contribute to your website with some quality ideas that I have gotten here.
    Let me know what you have to say!

    Marc Henderson.

  2. Trust you are doing good!

    Been following your blog from quite some time and would like to tell you that I really enjoyed your articles and blogs. I find your content very informational and would like to seek permission if I could write some content which can be posted on your esteem site as I too write in the same niche and would like to reach out to audiences.

    If you are interested, then please let me know the detailed process that needs to be followed. I am sharing links to a few articles I’ve written in the past, that I think would appeal to your audience.

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