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I’m in love with my iPad mini. It’s perfect for me in almost every way. When the very first iPad launched I simply had to have it. I got quite a bit of use out of it, but it always felt like I was lugging around a laptop due to it’s size. The only problem was it wasn’t capable of doing all the wonderful things my MacBook could do.

Since getting the my iPad mini when the first generation came out, I found I took it with me more often than my first iPad. With the overall size being much smaller, I was easily able to use it while out and about running errands before work or staying in touch while running around on the weekends. For me, it’s like having the convenience and mobility of an iPhone while enjoying the benefits of owning an iPad.

One area I’ve only lightly pushed the boundaries on when it comes to iPad ownership is how likely I am to reach for it instead of my MacBook. I’ve never really tested the waters too much on this subject until now. There’s no way my iPad mini is going to completely replace my laptop, at least for now anyway. So I’m going to try and exploit all the conveniences I can out of it for the next three months. Applying finishing touches to projects will have to come from my MacBook since the iPad mini just can’t quite accomplish everything.

Knowing my character, I realize if this becomes cumbersome, I’m going to have a hard time continuing this project. I don’t mean to imply I’m a quitter, but when time is of the essence, I know I’m going to turn to my trusty MacBook in times of need. So with that in mind, I’ve decided to complete an article a week solely from my iPad mini, with this being the first. I know images and such will need to be edited and added from my MacBook since I haven’t really found a great replacement for the ease and reliability I get from accomplishing these tasks from my laptop. Over the next three months I’ll tag and categorize articles I complete from my iPad mini and if all goes well hopefully I will do more, which is just icing on the iCake.

I have to be honest with myself and realize how frustrating this might be while working full-time, being a responsible father and husband, all while trying to research and publish content on iOS Etc. If I bite off too much and say I’ll create all posts from my iPad mini for a month, I’m fairly certain it would be a miserable and frustrating month.

I’m constantly trying to discover ways in which our iOS devices improve our lives and hopefully this will enlighten me to just how useful or indisposable my iPad mini really is. Since the first iPad was released, I’ve hoped for the day when the line between iOS and OS X would be blurred where both operating systems seeming almost interchangeable. I believe we are starting to see the blurring of the line with iOS 8 and Yosemite. Our devices talk to one another better than ever and I feel if Apple is starting to integrate the two operations systems, it’s about time I start getting even more familiar with using my iPad mini on more projects.

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If you’ve tried this before or you’re already well versed at replacing your laptop with your iPad, I’d love to hear about your experience. Either use the comments below or send me an email!

Logitech iPad mini case and keyboard I'm using.

Logitech iPad mini case and keyboard I’m using.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for iPad mini – Carbon Black

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