‘WordRoll’ Will Steal Your Time & Opponents Points [New Game]

WordRollIconSometimes you really enjoy a great game, but over time, you simply grow tired of it. If you retired Words With Friends for this very reason, WordRoll by No Six Five wants to test your skills when you bring them over to their new game that’s offering a different approach to multi-player word games. WordRoll puts a fresh spin on multi-player word games by allowing you to play offense by stealing some of your opponents points. Maybe defense is more your gaming style. WordRoll lets players lock letters to protect their precious points. There’s more strategy to this game than you’re probably used to, but it will keep you guessing since you never really know what your opponents playing style is until you get a couple words into the game.

Build up your unique play style:WordRollScreenshot

  • Be offensive – attack and steal opponent’s letters
  • Be defensive – defend your words by locking letters
  • Rewarding bonus system – there are many ways to score points, whether you’re in the lead or falling behind

Play your own way:

  • Be smart – try out various strategies to outwit your opponents
  • Be inventive – discover new tactics through careful observation and creative thinking
  • Challenge your friends or play against random opponents in an unlimited number of games all at once

WordRoll is free in the iOS App Store, but you can upgrade to unlimited games for only $0.99. This game gives players the opportunity to use the skills they developed in Words With Friends while they acquire new word game strategies. Discover which strategy works best for you, offensive or defensive, and challenge your friends or let Game Center find an opponent for you. Get acclimated with WordRoll before your friends do so you can settle the score if they always crushed you in Words With Friends

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