Win the Storage Battle on Your iPhone & iPad [Just A Tip]

Is storage space at a premium on your iPhone or iPad? If you’re like me, you’ve realized you must up the storage space on the new iPhone 6 to meet your needs when you upgrade. Whether you’re upgrading or not, I have an iOS 7 tip you can use to quickly free up some space but it requires getting rid of some photos on your device.

Instead of deleting each photo one-by-one when you’re away from your computer, tap the photos icon on your device, on the bottom lefthand side of the screen select “photos.” Enter the “Moments” view and in the top righthand corner of the screen tap “select”, and then select again to the right of each moment you want to remove and tap the trash can on the bottom righthand side of the screen. A confirmation message will be displayed before deleting to confirm your irreversible decision.

If there are still photos on your iPhone or iPad, these are photos you’ve synced to your device via iTunes. In order to get rid of these photos, you must plug in you iPhone or iPad to your computer and visit the photos tab on your device and change the sync options for your photos. There is no other way to delete photos synced via iTunes unfortunately.

Cleaning out the photos on my iPhone reclaimed 5.8 GB of space. It’s amazing how much space your photos and videos take up in such a short period of time.

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