Why Get An Apple Watch If You Already Own An iPhone? [News]

So you either watched the Apple event or you’ve been reading coverage on the Watch since a release date has finally been revealed. After watching the live event, I still found myself asking, “Why do I need this watch?” Since I already have an iPhone 6 Plus, I struggle to grasp why I want or need one. Well, I know why I want one, but I seriously don’t need one.

Let me run you through the list of why I don’t need one. Siri will already dictate and send a text, tweet, or update my Facebook status from my iPhone 6 Plus. Checking how many steps I’ve taken, miles I’ve walked or run, and flights of stairs I’ve climbed today is easily accessible by opening the native Health app. Getting a car from Uber is quickly done by opening the app and following a simple process I’m already familiar with.

When I have a flight to catch, I always have the boarding pass loaded in Passbook if available. Flashing my boarding pass is just a matter of digging my “bigger than bigger” iPhone 6 Plus out of my pocket to get through security. While I’m waiting in the security line, I love checking Instagram on my, have I said this yet, iPhone 6 Plus.

Using Pay on my iPhone 6 Plus is extremely easy and simple with the credit cards I’ve activated via Passbook. The only thing I get discourage with concerning Pay is finding more places accepting it.

I’m seriously struggling to find something the Watch does that my iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t already do, and rather well I should add. When I look at things from this point of view, it’s hard to find one good reason to spend at least $349 on the small sport model.Apple_Watch_Case_Types

Since watching yesterdays live event, I had to remind myself how I didn’t see why I would ever need an iPhone. It wasn’t until I purchased the iPhone 3g that I realized how well a device like this would integrate into my life and change how I interact with a phone forever. Since then I’ve owned numerous iOS devices, MacBooks, an iMac and a Mac Mini. Each and every one of these devices have worked extremely well for my family and in their own way changed how we complete certain tasks.

Apple has always challenged us to “think different.” So with this in mind, I’ve got to put a little more faith in them since I’ve spent thousands of dollars on their products and they haven’t let me down yet. Even when I purchased the very first iPad I was skeptical, but now I couldn’t imagine not having one.

So I’ve decided it’s important to think differently when it comes to the Watch. The things it’s capable of seem trivial since the iPhone is already doing them. Where I feel the Watch is going to shine is tweaking the experiences we have with our iPhone. The Watch isn’t going to completely revolutionize the watch or replace your iPhone. What it will do is compliment both products. I see more functionality added to a watch thanks to the Watch. The way you complete certain tasks and interact with different apps and functions on your iPhone will change ever so slightly. In some cases, you’ll adapt to a change so seamlessly that one day you’re going to forget to wear your Watch and you’ll be disappointed since you’ve fully embraced a different norm. Remember that time you accidentally forgot your iPhone at home? It’s terrible! It feels like you’re missing a body part.

Apple_Watch_ContactsHow we interact with the Watch will take some getting used to, but eventually it will enhance our experiences with our iPhones and some of the apps we use the most.

Finally, I’m sure a lot of us can’t believe the price it will take to get one on our wrist. When it comes to purchasing a new watch, it’s not uncommon for me to spend approximately $400. I’m not trying to imply it’s not a steep price, but if you want a nice watch, you’re gonna have to spend some money. With the extra functions I’ll gain with the Watch, a starting price under $400 seems not too shabby.

I will be getting an Watch, there’s no doubt about it. I’ve wanted a watch I could talk into ever since my 11th birthday when I saw Warren Beatty do it in Dick Tracy. It was only a matter of time before this childhood dream of mine came true and it just so awesomely happens to pair up with one of my favorite devices. I’m looking forward to the Watch changing the way I interact with a watch the same way the iPhone changed how I use my cellular phone.

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