Whose Side Are You On? Find Out With BuyPartisan [Free App]

BuyPartisanIconDo you read nutrition labels to decide if the food you want to buy meets your families nutritional value standards? Have you ever wondered how those companies you support influence the political landscape? You might be surprised when you discover how some of your favorite brands are using their profits to positively or negatively impact the world around you based on their political contributions. There’s an app to help you decide if a companies political influence is right for you and your family before you buy their products.

If you would like to see how your favorite companies are impacting your political values, head over to the App Store and download BuyPartisan. Armed with this application, you can search for information by scanning the barcode on your favorite products or find them by entering their name. If they’re listed in BuyPartisan, you’ll discover the overall average they contribute to different political parties, as well as how their board of directors, CEO, and employee’s contribute money to political parties. Another great piece of information BuyPartisan provides is their political action committee (PAC) details. You’re able to discover how much their PAC has raised and where the money is going.

How a company influences politics may not change how you choose to spend your money. Knowledge is power and if this is something you’re passionate about, BuyPartisan gives you the right information to help decide if you need to change your personal spending habits. It may be difficult to break old habits but information like this tells a lot about a company and how they can impact your life. Minor changes made by millions of people can send a huge message and it starts with you. So whose side are you on? BuyPartisan will help you decide.


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