Where Were Your Photos Taken? [Just-A-Tip]

Recently we showed you how to enable geotagging on your photos. If you took advantage of this feature, you were probably thinking, “That’s nice, but now how do I see the information?” Unlike Instagram, which provides an easy to find map to view your creations on, you must go into the native Photos app and follow a few steps before you’re able to access a map with photo information on it.

To see where your photos were taken, open the Photos app on your iOS device and find the “Photos” icon at the bottom left of the screen. Tap to select and you’re able to see all the photos on your device. You can view your photos by Years, Collections, or Moments. Above each group of photos though, if geotagging is turned on, you’ll notice location information. Find the photo you’d like to see on a map and tap on the location information above this group of photos. The map view will open and now you’re able to see location information for this group of photos. Zoom in to discover more specific information about a photos location.

If you enjoy seeing where you’ve traveled and want to step up your photo tracking game, you really should check out Rove! Previously I discussed this fun journaling app which remembers where all your lasting memories were shot. Rove doesn’t just keep track of your photos, it also catalogs where you’ve been and provides an outline for each day. Photos taken throughout your day show up in order on your outline. Rove also lets you go back and add any notes to capture any thoughts or memories you might want to remember. Rove even keeps track of what music you were listening to on your iPhone throughout your day—it’s that specific.

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