When it Comes to Photos, it’s All About Location, Location, Location [Just-A-Tip]

Whether you travel a little or a lot, there will come a time when you can’t recall where a photo was taken. If you’ve enabled geotagging on you iPhone or iPad, you’ll be able to quickly and easily see where your photos were shot. What a great way to look back on your experiences and if you’re recommending a location to friends or family members  should visit, you’ll be able to show them exactly where to go on a map.

Enabling or disabling this feature is quick and easy for anyone to do. Simply go to Setting > Privacy > Location Services > make sure location services is turned on (turn off to disable all location services). Next, scroll down and select Camera to allow location services While Using the App. When you would like to disable location services for your photos, simply follow all the same steps above except this time select Never.

The downside of geotagging your photos is your camera must have access to location services, which will use more of your battery life. How much more battery life this feature uses is dependent upon how ofter you’re snapping photos. When you’re on vacation and feeling rather snap happy, it could wear-out your iOS devices battery life a little bit quicker. If you’re headed out exploring, make sure to grab your charger cord since a lot of rental cars have USB ports nowadays for you to use. During our trip to Hawaii last February our rental car was equipped with a USB port, which was used non-stop since my wife and I both were snapping photos left and right.

Not traveling with a rental car? You still have options to keep your iPhone charged while on the go. During our daughters first trip to Disney World, we wanted to capture a lot of photos and use iMovie on my iPhone to create a memorable video. This chewed away at battery life throughout the day, but I brought along a wireless charger I funded on Kickstarter to ensure we wouldn’t miss a moment. If you’re worried your battery life, there are wireless chargers and battery cases to supplement until you can plug the device back into a wall outlet.

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