What the ‘Blek!’ [App Review]


HeaderTwo brothers have come together to bring you fun and worthwhile content and with Blek being their first release, they could be gulping down a lot of our time in the future. This fun iOS game challenges your creativity while begging you to use your imagination as you move through each level. What seems like such an easy concept was born in a Greek restaurant in early 2013. What users have before them in the iOS App Store is a spectacular game that will baffle and amaze you time and time again.

I’ve only been playing Blek for a few days now, but I was hooked on trying to “figure” it out. After realizing there’s no right or wrong way to approach this game, you’re forced to experiment each time to seeBlekScreenshot patterns develop that eventually help you clear a level. At first glance some levels look fairly simple or extremely complex, but in each instance, much like in life, first impressions are amazingly deceiving. There have been levels I thought I would be stuck on for hours but cleared in 3-4 attempts. There have been others that’ve challenged me enough to where I’ve had to exit the application, do some other work on my iPad and revisit Blek when I have a clear and un-frustrated mind. No matter the case though, I’m constantly coming back to accept the challenge.

When I first read about Blek, the description explicitly said it couldn’t be described with words and advised you to watch the trailer from their website. If you’ve read this far, you need to watch the video since I believe you’ll be hooked too and immediately head over to the iOS App Store and download it. As of right now, Blek is on sale for $0.99 ($2.99 normally). If you love a sale and great games, you can’t go wrong.

5/5- Will challenge you in many ways and a must have!
Available for iPhone & iPad

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