What Makes Your Photos Go Round? [Free App]

CircularIconIf you’re always looking for fun and exciting ways to take or edit photos, then I’ve got cool app available for you free for a limited time in the iOS App Store. Circular gives you the ability to put a creative spin on your photos. Got an amazing picture you shot of the city skyline? Give it a twist with Circular and your photo takes on a whole different look. Even landscape photos can be viewed from a different perspective with this application. Some of your photos could quickly go from ordinary to extraordinary in seconds with Circular. Normally, Circular would set you back $1.99, but currently it’s available to download for free.


Turn your photos into amazing circular images with Circular+. Circular+ is a fun app with powerful new features never seen before in this type of app. You can easily zoom in and out of your circular image to get it just right. Once you’re happy with your image, add professional effects such as lens flares and sky objects like the sun, moon, planets, and birds.

Another really cool feature is a collection of “center” objects. These include spheres, planets, and geometric shapes to place at the center of your image circle. This turns your image into a mini world.

“I’ve tried them all and Circular is by far the best “tiny planet” app. You get more controls and fun effects like lens flares and moons. Having a blast with this app!”

“I tried different Tiny planet apps, but this is really the best. Love that I can put different things inside the picture … Thanks for the great work.”

– Super fast and responsive editing
– Adjust image zoom, rotation, invert-mode, and repeats
– Professional effects: lens flares, sky objects, and centers. The lens flares are the same as the pro desktop app, LensFlare Studio
– Filters and Lens Textures
– Fun sample images to get your started

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Save 25% off your first order! Check out the print option in Circular under the “Share Menu”. Use code CIRC14 at checkout.

Max image size: 2048×2048 pixels

Tag your photos with #CircularApp for a chance to be featured! 



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