What Inspired You Today? [App Review]

I’ve got to be honest, I am not the journaling type so downloading and reviewing this app was a step outside of my comfort zone. Since I do a fair amount of writing throughout the day, adding more writing seemed a bit of a daunting task at first, but I couldn’t resist getting Day One. The screenshots in the App Store is what grabbed my attention at first. I’ve always been a sucker for the presentation of a product, whether it’s pictures or videos. Before I decided to download Day One, I checked to see if they had a Twitter account, which they do, and reviewed some of the photos they posted. On their Twitter account I found a video about Day One (featured below) and I was sold! The video was kind of quirky, but it grabbed my attention and I just had to have it.

After downloading, I immediately grabbed my iPad mini so I could have it across all my iOS devices. Initial launch was on my iPhone 5 and it went through a few welcome screens. Nothing really to setup, except deciding whether or not you want Day One to remind you to journal and, if so, how often. Since I lack a daily journaling regiment, I figured daily was in my best interest for a proper review.

Day One has been updated to take advantage of the next generation of iOS devices. The iPhone 5S, iPad Air, and 2nd generation iPad mini will benefit the most from the update. For example, iPhone 5S owners have the ability, if selected, to track distance traveled by steps, miles, etc. As Day One explains it, “you can literally record your walk of life.” Pretty cool little thing to add to the hike, walk, or bike ride you’re about to take.

Do you listen to music a lot while using your iPhone? If you do, the track you’re listening to can be added to your timeline post in Day One. Sometimes it’s just the little details that matter so much when you’re trying to catch everything and this feature does just that. It’s great because Day One already adds the temperature, location, a photo, and time, so it only makes sense to add more detail to your entry. Will it make for a better post? Probably not, but music influences people and I’ll be curious to see if it may change anything about my timeline posts the more and more I use Day One while listening to music.

Next, let’s dive into the overall appearance of Day One. On both the iPhone and iPad, it’s visually appealing and easy to navigate throughout the app. Making your way around once you begin editing each post is pretty easy too. I will admit it was easier to select the buttons to add location, temp, etc., on the iPad mini since the screen is larger, but this didn’t make using Day One on the iPhone a deal breaker one bit. Overall I preferred using it on my iPad mini since interactions were easier with a larger keyboard.

One thing I was absolutely pleased with was the synchronization that took place in the background. I really enjoy taking pictures with my iPhone rather than my iPad mini. So I would take a picture with my iPhone and start a timeline post in Day One. In a few cases I edited pictures I took with Mextures, an app I previously reviewed and recommend, before I added them to my timeline. Day One automatically saved the post and then I would open my iPad mini where it would quickly show up allowing me to add text. I was quite impressed. For the most part I started posts in my iPhone, selected a photo, and added some notes before I transferred to the iPad mini to finish.

There is really only one complaint I have about Day One and I don’t even know if it’s their fault. The app I downloaded was for iOS devices. When I went on the App Store for my MacBook, there is a Day One app there as well, which was $9.99. I wish there was some credit you got towards downloading the software for your desktop. I completely understand desktop software could be more involved, which would make it more expensive, so I shouldn’t get it for free just because I purchased the iOS version. Think about when you purchase a song off an album in iTunes. Eventually the price of the album is cheaper and cheaper with each song you buy. I wish this applied to App Store purchases that were downloadable to both iOS devices and your computer. Again, not really a big deal, but I guarantee I would spend the extra money to have Day Oneacross all my devices.

Now that I’ve had Day One for three days, it’s been quite fun taking pictures and then talking about them on my timeline. You don’t have to add a photo, but like the expression says; a picture is worth a thousand words. It seems only fitting to add a picture to an entry if you can. I can’t even begin to tell you how easy it is to use this app. With syncing via iCloud across iOS your devices, it allows you the option to view, edit, and share quickly and easily. Adding locations to your posts is easy too. If Day One doesn’t automatically put in your current location, you can put in the address or drop a pin on the map and search places around that specific area. Anyone familiar with an iPhone or iPad will be able to pick up on Day One right away.


  • Overall layout makes it easy to understand and interact with.
  • Syncing via iCloud is amazing and fast.
  • Ability to add locations to posts.
  • Add tags to posts for grouping similar items.
  • App will add the track you’re listening while posting.


  • Not being able to crop and edit photos you add within the app.
  • App for your computer requires another fee ($9.99).
  • Does not have multiple user profiles.

From the initial opening of One Day I was impressed and it never really seemed to let me down. I figured it would get old having to post daily but since I attached a picture to each of my entries, it made all my posts unique and special in their own way. The more I used it, the more I looked forward to adding something to keep the story going. The only reason I didn’t give Day One a 10 was because I really wanted to get it on my MacBook, but didn’t feel like paying another $9.99 when I just paid $4.99 for the iOS version. I figured paying almost $15 to get it on all my Apple products was a bit excessive. Only time will tell if I change my mind.

(4.5 / 5)

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