Wearable Tech is Huge, When Will Connected Cars Get Their Turn? [News]

With the iPhone 6 event just an hour away, I can’t stop thinking about what other great things Apple has in store for us in the future. There have been Apple and Tesla rumors flying around for a while now, but no one knows exactly what they’re working on. Silicon Beat, the tech blog of The Mercury News, recently reported the valley’s two sexiest companies are working on allowing Tesla drivers to start and driver their Model S from their iPhones. This feature is still only rumored at this point, but with iOS 8 right around the corner, Tesla owners could be enjoying this very soon.

There’s so much intrigue surrounding the upcoming Apple event and it got me thinking about what else is in store for us. Not only for Apple products since there are some other heavy hitters in the industry with great ideas. Fortunately, The Economist started answering some of my questions for what the future holds. In their September 6th issue, there’s an article titled “Wireless Wheels” where they discuss “Connected Cars” and what they can do to help us as well as the planet.

When you look at stats surrounding our vehicles, there’s a lot to improve upon. On average, 1.24 million people die, and nearly 50 million are hurt, in road accidents each year. We also waste about 90 billion hours sitting in traffic a year or in some cities as much as one third of fuel is wasted on simply trying to find a parking spot.

Connected cars are the first step in making our vehicles smarter, more efficient and, most importantly, safer. Some vehicles are already equipped with devices to help maintain a safer distance from other vehicles and stay in your lane technology, all while automatically adjusting speeds to accommodate these features.

Chevrolet Speeds Up With OnStar 4G LTE
GM recently announced new vehicles with OnStar will be come equipped standard with 4G LTE and WiFi hardware. Eventually the idea is connected cars will allow them to communicate with one another to help reduce congestion, pollution, accidents, and reroute you to save you time and keep you moving at optimal speeds. There’s even technology being developed to help find you a parking spot at your destination.

I’m extremely excited to see what’s in store for us today with Apple’s product reveal, hopefully iPhone 6 in both sizes and the iWatch, but I can’t help but wonder who will champion the road technology advances. Could you imagine getting in your car, telling it where to go and all you do is sit back and enjoy the ride? I know this is ways off, but we are getting glimpses of this with each new technology advance hitting the market. Our expectations for tech continues to grow and our vehicles have just started enjoying some of the feature or software we have on our smartphones. This is one segment of technology I’m excited to see grow in the months and years to come since there is amazing potential for some extremely amazing software and products.

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