Waves, Drifting, Nitro, and the Mafia, All in One Game [New Game]

Driver-Speedboat-Paradise-IconAre you ready to hit the high seas and learn how to drift a speedboat, all while taking down the Mafia? If so, you need to head over to the App Store and download Driver Speedboat Paradise today.

This free-to-play speedboat arcade-racer is finally available for you to enjoy on your iOS devices. Ubisoft, makers of some of your favorite game titles like Just Dance and Assassins Creed, shared information with us in March about this upcoming release and we’re excited to learn Driver Speedboat Paradise has arrived in the App Store.

Become a young and reckless powerboat driver on a quest for fame and fortune as you race at exotic locations. You’ll join iconic Driver character John Tanner on a mission to bring down the mafia as you rub elbows with criminals and kingpins.IMG_4985

As you play, you must learn how to accelerate, steer and drift your powerful speedboats on realistic waves that are constantly changing height, power and frequency. Eventually you’ll be able to jump, surf down or even dodge waves as you perform impressive stunts on ramps. As you become more comfortable pulling off these stunts, collect nitro in order to give your boats a boost for the ultimate splash.

Your progress through Driver Speedboat Paradise will earn you upgrades, collect ship parts that’ll enhance your speedboats, unlock exceptional speedboats, and you’ll even be able to personalize your sweet rides with bold paint colors and head-turning decals.

Driver Speedboat Paradise is a free download in the App Store for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. There are in-app purchases available to enhance your overall experience.

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