farming simulator 16, app review

Watching the Grass Grow, Farming Simulator 16 [App Review]

farming simulator 16, app reviewI, perhaps like many other people, have dreamed of looking after my own farm; driving tractors, baling hay, milking cows. The whole thing sounds like so much fun and thanks to GIANTS Software it’s now a reality.

GIANTS Released Farming Simulator 16 last week, the updated version of Farming Simulator 14, and there has been a massive overhaul. But before we dive into all the features lets go through the gameplay.

The title gives a lot way here; Farming Simulator lets you manage and look after your own farm. The whole game is an open world environment. The story centres on you, the farmer, where you are able to drive an almost countless number of farming vehicles, plant grains and foods and sit back and watch the grass grow. It’s truly amazing how much fun you can have watching grass grow.

Don’t get me wrong, Farming Simulator isn’t exactly exciting, but its tough to put down. Like all the other Farming Sims before this, you start the game with a handful of vehicles, two fields, and a small amount of money. The idea here is you can use the vehicles to plow, plant and mow your way to profit. Save enough money and you can expand your operation, buy bigger and better machines, expand into other fields, hire help to do some of the tasks for you to ultimately take over the farming world as you know it.

farming simulator 16, app review
The Graphics have had a nice tweak here and there and the game feels nice and fresh. Added visual improvements like dirt on the machines, headlights and dust make the farming world seem a lot more real than previous versions.

The hired help is a lot more intelligent. You still find instances where work has stopped because two automatically controlled trucks have got in each others way, but the game more than makes up for this with the hired help replenishing seeds, taking produce to market and even refuelling. There was nothing more annoying than seeing your seeder was still running with hired help but had run out of seeds, this is now a thing of the past.

GIANTS have removed the in-app purchase on all machines. Now you can earn the money to buy the top tier machines. This was a huge limitation on Farming Simulator 14; I stopped playing the game feeling a little rejected that I couldn’t progress any further unless I paid.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Farming Simulator 16 is a massive improvement in the franchise, easily the most fun you will ever have watching grass grow.

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