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Touch ID was introduced to iPhone users starting with iPhone 5s and quickly made its way onto the iPad. Just how fast and effective this hardware is depends on how you prefer to use it and which device you’re using it on. Older iOS devices seem to be sluggish with Touch ID at times whereas the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus seem to process fingerprints at lightning speed.

Touch ID Too Fast?

One would imagine lightning fast processing is exactly what users want. Well, you would be wrong. iPhone 6s models process fingerprint IDs so fast that users don’t have enough time to view notifications on the lock screen, #firstworldproblems. If you don’t mind skipping over notifications and you would like Touch ID to process your fingerprint faster, we’ve got just the tip for you and it takes just minutes to complete.

Touch ID settings allows users to enter up to five fingerprints on each iOS device. This means up to five people can access a device with their fingerprint or you can setup five of your own fingers. If you would like Touch ID to process your fingerprint quicker, simply setup one finger multiple times. This allows you to capture more fingerprint angles which gives it a greater chance to process unlock requests faster.

Speed Up Touch ID

If you would like to take advantage of this tip go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > enter or setup your passcode > then select Add a Fingerprint. Place the finger you want to use to unlock your device on the home button and follow the onscreen prompts. When you get to the screen where you need to adjust your grip, make sure to get the edges of the finger you’re cataloging. Really go crazy and have Touch ID capture scans of your finger from many different angles even if they seem ridiculous.

When you’re done, make sure to label the finger you just setup for future reference. If you haven’t setup any fingerprints before, go ahead and setup the same finger again to speed up unlocking your device. If you’ve already stored fingerprint information, it’s a great idea to setup at least one finger a second time to expedite the unlock time for your iOS device with Touch ID.

Previously I owned the iPhone 6 Plus and found this feature to be very sluggish at quickly and accurately processing unlock requests on the first attempt. Now I own the iPhone 6s Plus and Touch ID is crazy fast at processing fingerprint unlocks. This is great for iTunes, Amazon, and banking, but a bit frustrating when I simply want to review notifications on my lock screen. If you own an older iOS device, this is the absolute best way to speed up processing.

Faster Touch ID processing is better, but it takes a while to adjust to using a different finger if I simply want to view the time or notifications on the lock screen. If you decide you don’t like this faster processing, simply go back and remove those fingerprints you’ve cataloged twice.

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  1. apply transparent tape on the home button…..you will lose a little bit of clickiness of the home button but it will significantly improve the accuracy of taking the print (even when your hands are super wet).

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