‘VPasana’ Reminds You to Switch Your Phone to Silent Mode and Back to Ringtones [App Review]

Vpasana_IconIf you are one of those business types that are constantly going in and out of meetings, attending venues and turning up at seminars, you will be all too painfully aware that there is always some fool in the crowd or the meeting room that has forgotten to switch their mobile phone onto silent. Trouble is, we all do it and while we are quick to castigate and sneer at those who have suddenly turned up for that important revenue meeting or a top level visitation from the area manager who wants to give us all a quick briefing, only to find some forgetful colleague has left his or her phone on and treated all and sundry to ten bars of some cheesy tune or a sound recording of their new born crying!

VPasana is there to remind you to switch your phone to silent mode and then back to ringtones when the important meeting has finished. You could be attending an important event like a wedding or a funeral, only to want the floor to swallow you up when you forget to silence your phone!

Vpasana not only reminds you to shut your phone off, but it also reminds you to switch it back up on again after the meeting or important function has finished. So now you will not miss any of those important calls when you might have forgotten to switch back on from silent mode.IMG_4724

There are certain times when etiquette demands that phones are switched off but in some cases – like in huge lectures – you will not want your phone to ring but you will still want to be able to use all the apps, SMS text messaging and make silent calls too. Vpasana can shut down only the ringtone and not the general working of your phone, so it can still be used – just in silence! This is a handy time to use it whilst on the bus.

The app VPasana works like a crowd-sourcing social network – it can operate at any GPS coordinate where a member’s phones (either yours or a friends’) have moved manually to “silent mode” three times, or where members have designated a Silent Zone.

This is handy for all the sales team or the accounts department to use so that everyone is reminded when to silence the tones as the morning revenue meeting takes place.

(3.5 / 5)

*Vpasana is available for iOS and Android devices.

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