Visit the Present & the Past in Chronology [App Review]

ChronologyIconOn Thursday I shared with you information about Chronology, a game that recently made its way onto iOS for your iPhone and iPad. Osao Games, a Denmark based indie micro-studio responsible for crafting touching gaming experiences, revived this mind-bending, time traveling puzzle-platform game from near extinction. The original developers closed shop in January of this year, but Osao Games snatched up Chronology: Time Changes Everything and continued developing this interesting and visually pleasing puzzle game. By May, Osao had debuted Chronology on Steam where it was selected as one of only eight finalists for the “Nordic Game Indie Sensation Award.” Thankfully, Osao Games brought Chronology to iOS and I just had a chance to take a closer look at this amazingly entertaining game.

Once upon a time, this society ran on the vapor emitting from the ground. It powered all the machines their metropolis had and kept their society moving forward. An overwhelming desire for progress made them abuse their power which ultimately led to their societies demise. This is where the story begins and you must help the Old Inventor after he awakes post-apocalypse as he begins to piece back together a world he vaguely remembers. Along the way you aid him in recovering memories while completing tasks or discovering objects. One vital piece of equipment you’ll need to help the Old Inventor along his journey is a time traveling device he made pre-apocalypse.

After you gain the ability to switch between the past and present, you begin to see how to attack this puzzle-platform game. Ledges you weren’t able to scale in past time are easily handled in the present due to the natural settling of the earth in the post-apocalyptic era. As you approach different structures, be sure to switch and see how this building looked prior to the end of society so you can recognize any changes that’ll help advance your character further on his journey to rebuild society. Keep your eyes peeled for items you may be able to use throughout each level to help you get up on different ledges, overhangs or structures. Also, you can pick up and move certain items or travel between both present and past with them so long as your character is holding it.

With each level getting progressively harder, you end up needing a little bit of extra help. During your travels a snail with some special abilities joins up with the Old Inventor to help one another rebuild their society. Just when you thought you were getting the hang of Chronology, developers at Osao Games throw a curveball at you requiring players to switch between these two characters in order to make it up, around and over obstacles standing in their way from the past and present.

Our iPhones and iPads are equipped to deliver some amazing graphics and Chronology doesn’t disappoint. From the very first scene I found myself eating up all the stunning scenery Chronology serves up. Once given the ability to switch between two different time periods, it was hard not to constantly switch between the two just to see how the landscape transformed. There were buildings and structures standing tall and proud during the past, but once you switched to the present they transformed into a sad rundown shacks.

Chronology puts your mind to the test and, at times, forces you to go back and revisit an area or task you’ve already completed. Your recent progress in the game has changed, altered or damaged your ability to move on. This requires you to go back and fix or solve an issue in order to move forward.

After playing Chronology for a little while now, I really only have one issue. I was so excited to get each level going that I wanted to skip the story or information at the beginning of the level. I had to remind myself how Osao Games crafts touching gaming experiences. If we skip all the information we won’t understand what each level is trying to tell us about these two characters and their relentless pursuit to rebuild their society.

Chronology captured and refused to let go of my attention throughout. At no point was I hoping the level would end because I’d lost interest or wasn’t enjoying gameplay or scenery. Honestly, I wish the levels could’ve been a bit longer since I was really enjoying myself. If a puzzle-platform game allowing you to travel seamlessly through different time periods is what you seek, Chronology delivers throughout.

(5 / 5)

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