Vine Allows Some to Shine

Nearly every day I find myself interacting with some form of social media. Most days Twitter holds most of my attention. The thing that always amazes me is there is always some new form of social media popping up. Just when I think we have reached the peak of the social media bubble, another one comes out of nowhere. Most recently I’ve noticed Vine taking up some of my day. It’s not grabbing my attention because I’m learning anything from it, but I’m getting a kick out of being entertained. Some of the people I follow have really taken off. I just hope those getting their 6 seconds of fame, don’t meet the same fate of the 15 minutes of famers.

Most times I don’t really pay much attention to those enjoying their 15 minutes of fame. Vine seems to be giving some people a stage they may have the right to be on. With only 6 seconds to produce a video, you really need to cram in a lot of goodies to make people wanna keep coming back. One user in particular is Nash Grier. After getting a “revine,” where a user reposts another users video, from a person in Arkansas, Nash’s vine followers started rising. Currently, Grier has 3.7 million followers on Vine and growing. With an appearance on Good Morning America in his pocket, I’ve noticed he’s picked up at least one corporate Vineaccount to do some advertising for them. Judging by previous statements made in an interview, he’s not going anywhere since he would love to entertain people for years to come. Grier’s dreams might just be coming true.

It’s always great to see people do something useful with their fame. Fame coming from an iOS application is something new. Those users on Vine benefiting from their new found fame should take some lessons from reality TV stars. Don’t let this medium realize the same fate of those in reality TV. You 6 second creative geniuses just need to keep doing what you’re doing, but never forget where you came from and you’ll do just fine when you “do it for the Vine.”

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