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Guys, I know what you’re thinking, “Pinterest is for girls.” It does have female flare to it, but remember it’s your friend. The initial pages you’ll see do scream feminine, but bear with me, we’ll get past those quickly. You can find tons and tons of things on it. Once you dive in and swim around a little bit, you’ll notice tons of manly things are being pinned too. Need something for the man cave? Checkout Pinterest to find those pinning the exact things you like. Want to see what the future has in store for us with up and coming or latest technology? Look no further than Pinterest. Checkout my boards here if you’re already on Pinterest. I think you’ll be taken aback by just how this social media site can work hard for you. It will take some work on your part though to tailor it to your style, but once you’ve done just that, your feed will look like something out of a mens magazine. You don’t have to be extremely active on Pinterest to put it to work for gift buying. Keep reading, you’re not at the secret part just yet. 

So here’s what you’re gonna want to do. Go to Pinterest on your computer and setup an account. If you previously setup an account with them, you can retrieve your password very easily. Just follow the prompts for a lost password. If you’re currently on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter, you can authorize Pinterest to sign you in with those credentials. Just keep in mind that when you authorize Pinterest to use those credentials, it will most likely cross post stuff you pin to whichever social media site you signed in with. So if you pinned a cooking recipe, your buddies at work just may see it. For the record, I sign in to Pinterest with a username and password to avoid any cross pinning, I like to post things on my own.  

Once you get online, head up to the top left hand corner (on Chrome, Safari, & Firefox). Here’s where you’ll find a button to click that drops down a bunch of categories you can checkout. For myself, I always scroll through the Technology board, well cause I’m kind of a nerd, when I login. Pick whichever category you like and checkout all the things other people have pinned. Once you find something you want to pin, click “Pin It” and you will be prompted to start a board or you can create a different board if you already created some. If you’re not familiar with what a “pinning” is, let me help. Think of it as an online bookmark with a picture that shows up in a folder, or in this a case on a board. Now you have a place you can always refer back to should you ever need to recall information or products.HeartLogo


Once you pin something, a screen will pop up showing you other boards that same item or information was posted on. This is where you’ll find other people with similar interests. Start following some of their boards so you can view items they pin too. Once you start pinning, liking, and commenting on other boards, people will start discovering your interests and start following you too. Put some time into it, and you just might get a lot of cool stuff out of it. Don’t want to be that active? That’s fine too, just keep reading and you’ll see how to make it work in a limited capacity.

Here’s how to make Pinterest work for you so you look like the most thoughtful partner, even if you don’t want to interact with it daily. You’ll still need to signup and follow some of the steps I just discussed. In this case however, you only want to follow those you are looking to buy for. So you’ll need to know their username in order to follow them. They will see you’re following them, but you can create secret boards so nobody else will see what you’ve pinned. So here’s the secret: you simply signup, follow your loved one or ones, and randomly go through those boards that have all their most coveted items. Create a board called “Gifts for her” or something of that nature and set it to secret. Now you can pin the things you find on their boards and you’ve just made yourself a handy gift list that’s there for an eternity. Once you buy an item they want, you can delete it from your secret board. Now you’re swimming in ideas and most likely you can order it online and you never had to enter a store. BRILLIANT!!

A little bit of work can really help you out in a crunch. In all actuality though, you’re really not having to do much work. If they’re active on Pinterest, I would be willing to bet they already have stuff pinned they want. It’s just a matter of going online to see what it is and where you can find it. Your buddies may jump all over you for having Pinterest on your phone, but just know who will be jumping all over you this Valentine’s Day when they you get them a couple of things they were dreaming about. You’re welcome!

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