Unlimited Storage, Photo Assistant, and Collections – Meet Google Photos [App Review]

Google_Photos_IconThere is nothing more important than keeping your photos safe and there is no end to applications offering to backup your photos. From Dropbox to OneDrive there are some real giants in the tech world fighting for the privilege to be your go to photo back up solution, two weeks ago another tech giant entered the ring.

When you hear the phrase “Google photos” you don’t think of a great online photo storage solution. Instead, you think of a Google+ type mess. A few weeks ago I would have agreed with you; then Google surprised us all.

Google Photos offers a couple of things no other photo backing up app offers,

  • Unlimited Storage – That’s right, you can back up all of your photos to Google photo for free with no storage limit.
  • Photo Assistant – This is a clever feature of Google Photo that I haven’t seen in any app yet. Photo assistant looks at photos you have uploaded to see what it can do with them. For example if you have 4 photos taken close enough together, the assistant feature will make a GIF of the photos or add them to a collage frame. I was really impressed by how much I actually used this feature as it adds a new leap of life to your photos.
  • Collections – Again a feature I haven’t seen in any other app, collections allows you to pick a criteria location,name or date and build a book based on these photos. These  books are interactive and can be sent to none Google users as a link. This feature really comes in to its own when you have a weekend away with the children and you want to send the grandparents a “this is what we were up to” photo album.

If you are worried about one day loosing photos or if you want to keep a back up just incase, Google photos should be your go to app.

Google Photos is available for free in the app store, download it today.

(4.8 / 5) A fantastic app that every parent/photo enthusiast should have.

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