Ultimate Next A Personal Life Style Calendar For Multiple Purposes [App Review]

UltimateNextIconPersonal lifestyle and the way we control and plan our lives are becoming more and more relevant in this modern age. We have so many appointments, too many television programs to watch, so many meetings, too little control over our spending and finance habits and more than enough appointments to keep at our children’s school.

It’s no wonder we struggle to keep track of it all at times. However, there is now a solution – Ultimate Next: All in One Calendar is one calendar that will filter several different types of alerts and appointments into one grid. There are four event types to merge into your one calendar; schedules, things to do, finance and notes are all merged into one calendar view.

All of your schedules are synchronized into your iOS Calendar and iOS Reminder tools. This means it can import pre-calendar events from other calendar apps you have been using effortlessly into your Ultimate Next All in One Calendar. So don’t think that this tool is just another burden for you and that all the hard work you may have done on your current calendar by entering birth dates, anniversaries, appointments, meeting, schedules and more has to be done all over again when you take up Ultimate Next – you won’t.

When you enter a finance transaction or a note into your Ultimate Next All in One Calendar it will automatically update in real time on the iCloud. If you have important reminders, like when it is time to pay the electricity bill or the telephone bill, then the app will send you a reminder. You can always add a small memo or note with each entry you make and applying an image to accompany your entry can also be done effortlessly.

The Ultimate Next All in One Calendar can be so versatile and dynamic that you might want to use it as a shopping list, planner, to-do list or checker, money and finance manager, note editor or even a photo album that comes in calendar form. You can easily toggle between weekly view or display a full month at once, if you wish and a specific view can be filtered for each calendar type, so if you wish to just view your work meetings or doctor appointments for the coming month or television programs you wish to watch, simply select the one you want.

(4 / 5)

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