Ubisoft Just Released ‘The Bot Squad: Puzzle Battles’ [New Game]

The_Bot_Squad_Puzzle_Games_IconOur friends over at Ubisoft, creators of amazing games like Assassin’s CreedMight & MagicJust Dance Now, just released a new free-to-play strategy game that mixes Puzzle and Tower Defense gameplay called The Bot Squad: Puzzle Battles.

You’re job is to play both offensively and defensively to collect and protect orbs, the power source fueling the futuristic Dynamo City. In The Bot Squad, you control talented robotic units searching for orbs across maps filled with obstacles.

The abilities your robots posses can be combined to navigate your way through trap-ridden arenas as they search for orbs. In order to keep your orbs safe, you must strategically deploy defensive units, attack or blocker bots, to protect your orbs from the waves of invading robots.

The Bot Squad has four different strategic puzzle modes, 180 stages to complete and numerous robots to manage, which will have you meticulously planing your combat strategies as each stage becomes progressively more difficult.

You can expect regular free game content updates since Ubisoft plans on developing new stages, units and modes for The Bot Squad. Check out the trailer below and before heading over to the app store to download The Bot Squad: Puzzle Battles.

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