adventure with Quest, app review,

Turning Your To-Do List into an Adventure with Quest [App Review]

adventure with Quest, app review, Its no secret To-Do lists are boring, no matter how hard application developers try to make them enjoyable, they are boring, Well, until now.

Yesterday an app I have been keeping my eye on for weeks went free, an app that promises to make to-do lists enjoyable again, meet Quest

Quest takes the boring old to-do list and adds a little fun and excitement. Instead of looking at a boring old list of things you have to do you are greeted by a little sword wielding man. Every task you assign, brings a new monster for the man to combat. Each time he destroys a monster/you tick off a task, he gains experience and gets better clothes and weapons.

adventure with Quest, app review,

There is a lot of satisfaction in not only ticking off a task from your list but also seeing a 8-bit sword wielding man destroy a Dragon.

Quest uses 8-bit graphics and is presented in a simple way that reminds me of the old arcade games I lost so much of my childhood to.

(4 / 5) Quest brings a little bit of fun to my to-do list and its free!

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