Trigger Happy In Dead Trigger 2 [App Review]


I understand you’re upset The Walking Dead season is over and you need something to fill the void. Downloading a zombie game for your iOS device won’t completely replace watching Michonne taking care of some zombies, but Dead Trigger 2 can help you get through until the show returns this fall. This first person shooter game from Madfinger Games is back with a second installment and it doesn’t disappoint. It still seems anything zombie related is trendy, but Dead Trigger 2 won’t leave you hungry for more action, just tons of levels to tackle. 

First person shooter games are great, but sometimes I find myself easily losing interest in them. Dead Trigger 2 keeps you involved through awesome gameplay and users are constantly involved by upgrading equipment back at their hideout. As the game evolves, so does the virus infecting the world. When zombies start getting stronger your medic must mix up better concoctions to improve your characters health while being attacked during missions. If your medicine needs improvements then—you guessed it—so does your weapons. There are specialists at your hideout to complete these upgrades and the money and gold you collect allow you to unlock different upgrades.

When users upgrade their specialists and equipment it requires a certain amount of time to complete each upgrade. The higher the level of upgrade the higher the amount of time it will take to complete. While upgrades are underway, you can accomplish other tasks or missions to help pass the time. If you need something completed quickly, you can burn your precious gold. You can also use your gold to unlock items you don’t have blueprints for quite yet. Dead Trigger 2 ScreenshotGold isn’t the only precious commodity in Dead Trigger 2 though. During your missions you pick up money and ammunition after blasting some zombies. At the end of each mission you receive money as well. This cash is banked so you can purchase new items and upgrade them over time.  There are a couple ways you can get gold faster. The easiest way to get more gold is to purchase it in the application and it’s added to your bank. Another way is to watch in app advertisements, visit sponsored advertisers websites, sign-up for quotes for auto insurance, or buy flowers for you mom for Mother’s Day, just to name a few. Some users will choose to forgo paying for gold and take advantage of the free ways to collect this precious metal. Just be ready to get emails or phone calls from the insurance company you agreed to get a auto quote from. Now that they’re armed with your email address or phone number, you know they’re going to call you. Just remember them when the real zombie apocalypse happens. You probably won’t be helping them out if they were pestering you a lot.  

Dead Trigger 2 doesn’t disappoint and survival is on the line for all mankind. Travel the globe completing missions to get more information on how the virus starting sweeping the globe. If you setup an account on Dead Trigger 2 you can save your gameplay information in the cloud so you don’t ever lose your spot. You can even record your gameplay and share it with friends. Be ready to either spend some money on much needed cash or gold for a better overall experience though. The deeper you get into the resistance requires better weapons and medicine to survive against the hungry zombies looking to feed on your tasty flesh.

4 out of 5: Recommend
Offers In-App Purchases
Designed for iPhone & iPad

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