Transform Your iOS Device Into a Toolbox With ‘Electronic Toolbox Pro’ [App Review]

Electronic_Toolbox_Pro_IconWe’ve been following the progress of a great productivity app for a while now called GoodReader. This productivity app gives users amazing ways to store, organize, read, and interact with their files. There’s a wealth of information and knowledge users are able to have right at their fingertips with thanks to GoodReader.

If GoodReader is the amazing office friendly app, is there an app out there for tradesman or hobbyists who enjoy getting their hands dirty on electronics projects? Absolutely, it’s Electronic Toolbox Pro and it’s nothing short of amazing—seriously!

Conceptually Electronic Toolbox Pro is fantastic. It doesn’t matter if you’re an industry expert, hobbyist, or apprentice in training, you’re going to find the functionality to be spectacular.

Once inside Electronic Toolbox Pro you’ll discover it’s filled with all sorts of goodies. Easily search for terms and components across all tools. If you’re looking for something specific, it’s in your best interest to go ahead and search for it. Why, because you’re going to want to window shop this entire app, which isn’t good if you’re working on a project. I found it hard to review Electronic Toolbox Pro efficiently since I kept venturing off task. I can’t imagine how awful my productivity time would be if I didn’t stay focused while interacting with Electronic Toolbox Pro during a project.

If you’re looking for a productivity app sporting a fancy layout where design and graphics are a top priority, Electronic Toolbox Pro won’t deliver. In my opinion you’re not looking for this type of setup in this type of app. This doesn’t mean it’s a visual mess by any means either. Visual ascetics and construction are perfectly designed for you to easily utilize the app in a highly productive manner without being distracted by any bells and whistles. You need information quickly which is accurate and Electronic Toolbox Pro delivers consistently. Electronic Toolbox Pro is the most comprehensive and complete electronics app available for you to download in the App Store.Electronic_Toolbox_Pro

At first glance Electronic Toolbox Pro looks and feels a bit intimidating. You can relax though since it’s not difficult to learn how to interact with it once you get your feet wet. If you’re somewhat familiar with electronics, you’ll be off and running in no time with this app. Electronic experts will be familiar with nearly every item on the main list. Hobbyists and students will become more familiar with tools and information in Electronic Toolbox Pro as they continue to learn.

Whether you’re an electronics expert or a student, Electronic Toolbox Pro is an app you’re gonna want to use since it’s packed full of all the stuff you need!

As I mentioned earlier, visually Electronic Toolbox Pro isn’t much to look at. Otherwise it fires on all cylinders. If you were to try and purchase books and manuals which covered the same information contained in this productivity app, you’d spend a lot more than $5.99 (the current purchase price as I write this review).

Electronic Toolbox Pro offers outstanding value for the money! Developers are consistently updating the app which means you’re getting added value with each new update. I’d buy it again and again if I had to, but thankfully I don’t. Updates are free and and developers keep you in the loop with a news tab where you can read about recent changes. They even encourage users to get in contact with them to advise them of what improvements they’d like to see in the app.

If you’re looking for an app that’s focused on electronic reference material with calculations and conversion tools, it’s all present in Electronic Toolbox Pro. Stop searching various websites or Excel spreadsheets to lookup component specifications for calculations and simply head over to the App Store and download the one and only app you’ll ever need for all the important electrical information you seek.

(4.5 / 5) Wear a lifejacket while using this app because you’ll be drowning in information!!

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