Tilt and Motion Gameplay in ‘Full Ahead!’ [App Review]

Recently we introduced a new comic steampunk adventure game from b-interaktive called Full Ahead!. In Full Ahead! you’ll use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to take control of V3RN, a remote control vehicle, to make your way around a submarine in need of repair. V3RN navigates through each level by using tilt and motion sensors on your device. This adventure has over 80 varied levels for you must make your way through.

You’ll score points in Full Ahead! according to how many gears you collect and the time it takes you to clear each level. Depending upon how many points you receive, you’ll illuminate up to three light bulbs, which you need to collect in order to advance to different segments of the game. Some of the gears are in tricky places and collecting them will take precious time and could decrease your overall score. In some cases, it may be more advantageous for you to worry about your time rather than collecting certain gears.

I’m writing this review of Full Ahead! with a slightly stiff arm. I mention this because the tilt and motion aspect of Full Full_Ahead!_ScreenshotAhead! seems very unforgiving and very difficult to master. You’re able to touch the screen to give V3RN a boost before blast off for more distance on your tosses. Touching the screen after your toss will give a boost too, but you must act fast before hitting anything in the room since you’re no longer able to give V3RN a boost at that point.

I mostly tapped the screen before tossing V3RN since it was difficult to tap the screen after I already made my toss. This probably impacted the scores I received, but I found it hard to use this option since there wasn’t much reaction time after a toss.

Use the sonar button on the bottom lefthand corner of the screen to spot the gears and the exit point. In the upper righthand corner of the screen is the reset button for V3RN. You can also double tap the screen to reset V3RN for another try during each level. Selecting reset doesn’t undo any progress you’ve made during each level, but allows you to collect more gears before exiting a level. If you accidentally toss V3RN into the exit point prematurely, you’ll have to redo the level if you didn’t collect all the gears and didn’t receive the amount of light bulbs you wanted.

Levels get progressively more difficult as you make your way through Full Ahead!. If you don’t collect enough light bulbs to advance to another segment of Full Ahead!, you must go back and collect more before you’re allowed to advance. I got stuck and needed to go back, which was a bit aggravating since my arm was tired and some of my co-workers were looking at me funny on my breaks while I played.

I enjoyed Full Ahead! to a certain extent, but found the tilt and motion aspect of it extremely frustrating and unforgiving. A few times I felt I had gotten the hang of things, only to discover I was fooling myself. At one point I thought it had to be automatically set to difficult and tried going into the settings to see if I could adjust things a bit to tone down my frustration level while increasing my overall enjoyment; unfortunately there wasn’t.

Lastly, I was playing Full Ahead! on my iPhone 6 Plus and feel the overall size of this device made it much harder to play. I remember playing Nintendo Wii quite a bit and how the motion controller felt perfect in your hand for tilt and motion play. The iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t feel comfortable at all in my hands as a title and motion device. Full Ahead! is compatible with iPad, but if I was frustrated using my iPhone 6 Plus I couldn’t imagine how frustrating it would be trying to use two hands to play. The iPhone 5s or smaller seem to be ideal in your hands for tilt and motion games like Full Ahead!.

As the size of the iPhones have gone up, so does the clunkier feeling it now has in the hands. Don’t get me wrong, I love the newer larger sizes. Maybe I just haven’t gotten used to the overall feel of the newer bigger than bigger models, but playing Full Ahead! felt awkward most of the time on my iPhone 6 Plus.

If you’re a master at tilt and motion games on iOS devices, you may find Full Ahead! a breeze to navigate. Those of you new to tilt and motion games on your iOS devices may want to steer clear until you’ve brushed up on your skills before downloading Full Ahead!. If b-interaktive gave players the ability to adjust difficulty settings, it may help you with the learning curve associated with this style of gameplay. Without it, you’re going to get extremely frustrated, stop playing, and probably delete it from your device within a week or so to free up storage space.

Overall look and feel of Full Ahead! is fun and impressive, but quickly loses steam as tilt and motion control is frustrating and awkward on the larger iPhone models.

(2.8 / 5)

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