This Week’s Apps On Sale: $8 Saved [Free Apps]

The App Store has over a million apps in it, so when there’s a sale, it may be difficult to find it.  Thankfully, there are some apps that allow us to see the sales and find ways to save money. This week, you have the opportunity to save up to $8.  Come back each week to save even more money.


Timegg Pro by John Jung

Usually $1.99, download it here for free.

This is not your ordinary timer app. It features a beautiful interface with some great functions: interval timer, stopwatch, music timer, world clock, important day countdown, reminders and alarms.



RetainIt – Organize & To-Do by Robert Johnson

Usually $1.99, download it here for free.

This app is a great iPhone organizer for your life.  In addition to adding to-do’s to your list, you can add reminders, contacts, journals, notebooks, photos and sketches.  Check out our full review of the app here (previous version). From the looks of things, there have been some major improvements.


StarlightIconStarlight: Find Stars and Constellations by Gyrocade

Usually $.99, download it here for free.

It’s summertime in half of the world, so that means it’s time to go outside to enjoy the sun and the stars.  This app will allow you to see constellations, stars and planets by simply pointing your device towards to sky.


MarvelPinballMarvel Pinball by ZEN Studios Ltd.

Usually $.99, download it here for free.

This week Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is coming to theaters, so now is your time to prepare for the movie.  You could watch hours of previous movies, or just download this game for free.  Play as the greatest superheroes in this immersive pinball game.


ReflectionIconReflection – Create Water Reflection Photography Arts by Lotogram

Usually $1.99, download it here for free.

Turn any picture into a beautiful work of art by adding a water reflection to it.  Is that a national monument in the middle of land? No, its the Lincoln Memorial in the middle of the ocean.

If you intend on downloading all of the above apps, you have saved $8 plus applicable taxes.  As of this posting, these apps are free.  Usually deals like this only last for a limited time, so if you are reading this days or months after its post date; they are likely back to their original prices.  Subscribe to the blog and check back weekly to find more free apps.

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