Think Shapes Is so Addictive and Stimulating That You Won’t Want to Put It Down [App Review]

think-shapes-iconIs this a great game or just an educational tool? Well, it would be safe to summarize it as both. Think Shapes will sharpen the mind, address your thinking skills and become a real winner to those who love a great puzzle.

You will need to have a sharp mind and one that can adjust skill levels of the highest order. You’ll also need to be at the top of your game where imagination is concerned too. The game is a bit like a Rubik’s Cube in an app. You will need to rotate shapes so that the colours change, stack them in different orders, adjust the colours of shapes so they match the goal you are seeking to achieve and all this needs to be performed BEFORE you run out of moves. The Rubik’s Cube can be achieved with unlimited moves but Think Shapes will only give you a set number of chances to achieve your goal.

There is a huge element of addiction (and frustration) in the game but ultimately it is very stimulating and there will be times you won’t want to put it down; and times when you want to put it down, but simply cannot!

The addiction factor in Think Shapes works a bit like a drug: the more levels you master, the greater the challenge becomes and higher the need to fulfil that next level. For example, once you reach set 4 and manage to unlock it, you will find the challenging levels increase tremendously.Think_Shapes_iPhone_6_Screenshot

Mental health experts have always said that increasing your spatial sense is key to keeping our brains healthier and decreasing the speed at which it ages. And to think you can have fun while playing it makes Think Shapes a great app to have in your collection on your iPad.

Think Shapes is one of those games in which you’ll find it is in fact like no other – it’s the first of its kind, there is no other game puzzle, we know of anyway – that is even remotely similar. Among the games features, including its unique sense of gameplay is the 270 levels which are all exciting, challenging and engaging.

But its real redeeming feature is that there are no in-app purchases (don’t you just hate them?) and furthermore, it’s a beautiful game with a vivid design which can be played by children and adults alike.

(4 / 5)

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