‘Things’ is free as the App Store’s App of the week [Free App]

Things_IconThings is a great little task manager that has been around for quite a long time, it has gone through many iterations as iOS evolves and they follow suite. Having a massive following; it has a lot of people who fork over the $9.99 to stay up to task. It also has a companion Mac App that has a hefty price, although it will be 30% off for the holiday week as well! You can sign into their own cloud service which will sync all of your tasks, tags and areas across devices.

This feature is incredibly useful for people who need to have their task manager with them at all times and also have multiple Apple devices. It also integrates nicely with David Allen’s Getting Things Done productivity system which organizes your task items into a series of “folders” or “boxes” that you move them through as you work on them. Things has “Inbox” right at the top for easy access and then “Today”, “Next”, “Scheduled” and “Someday” are right under that. Then “Projects” is in it’s own section for special larger things. Underneath that you have an area for user designated “Areas” so you can make Things yours. All of this amounts to an amazing productivity app well worth the price tag let alone free!

So, if you’re interested in getting things done, or just like free stuff head on over to the app store and grab things for free today!

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