There’s A New Sheriff in Town: iOS 7

Theft of iOS devices is extremely common. So common actually, thieves have coined a phrase for it, “Apple picking.” Not quite the family friendly activity you picture when you hear this phrase. There are steps you can now take in iOS 7 that can make your iOS devices less attractive to snatch. Unfortunately you cannot tell just by looking at the device that protective measures have been enabled. Eventually more and more people will activate these features, which can lessen the amount of Apple picking over time.

So how can you protect yourself and your device? On your iOS 7 device, go to Settings > iCloud (login to your iCloud account if needed), then select Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod. When you securely enable this function on your iOS 7 devices, your Apple ID is stored securely on the Apple activation servers, which is now linked to your device. Until you deactivate this option, which requires you to re-enter your Apple ID password again, no one else will be able to erase or reactivate your iOS 7 device. Now when someone steals your device with this security function enabled, they won’t be able to resell your item as conveniently since the buyer will not be able to do anything with it.

Another advantage to enabling Find My iPhone is the ability to locate your iOS 7 device. A lot of times I have my iPhone on vibrate, which can make it extremely difficult to locate when I misplace it around the house. When this happens, you can login to your iCloud account at and select the Find My iPhone option. Once there, you are able to sound a tone on your device to find it. This has come in handy a couple of times. When your iOS 7 device is stolen, however, it must be connected to the internet or a cellular network to show up on your Find My iPhone map or enable security functions. When you activate the Lost Mode via Find My iPhone, you enter passcode, a phone number where you can be reached, and a message. Your device is then locked until that passcode is entered. To add an extra layer of protection, I always enable a lock code even to awake them from sleep mode.

Its great to see extra security measures in iOS 7 to help protect customers from theft. Is it perfect, no, but at least baby steps are being taken to deter these crimes. It’s very important to take advantage of these security measures for a shift to take place regarding this type of theft. If more and more people enable these functions, it weakens the appeal of stealing them. I will admit, I hated the thought of a passcode to unlock a phone from sleep, but with more and more secure information I store on my devices, I felt it was important to take better care of my files.  Now it has become second nature and with the iOS 7 update, I’ve fully embraced protecting my device from theft and resale. Now I feel if I get Apple picked, they will only receive sour grapes.

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