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The Purpose of the Stock App on iOS [News]

Since the beginning of time, or back when the first iPhone came out, there have been several Applications that have been ‘undeletable’ or transfixed on our Apps screen. Everyone knows the basics like Weather, Phone Book, Messages etc., … but one that everybody has either overlooked or judged critically has been the Stock apps. After all, how and why could this be integral to the iOS systems, so much so that it was forever burned onto our home screens and attempting to sap our data allowances updating all the time. Well rather than recap about how this application is great for any market traders or spread betting enthusiasts, we decided to tell you a little about some of the reasons we think it might be there (aside from of course promoting Apple and its’ own Stock price).

Most people who have opened the application up have seen that the markets are available for you to see and by swiping right or left on the bottom half of the screen, you can see the performance over the last year and the assimilated news stories about the stock, just as you can add/remove different markets using the bottom right hand corner. But what few people understand is just what all these numbers mean.

The first number when you open the Application is the stock price or market current price followed by a red box or yellow box to indicate whether it has gone up or down in value since the start of trading.

When you click the number once, on individual stocks you will see a number ending in a letter (For example – B) which indicates the market cap (The total value of all the shares that there are).

Click the number again and see the green or red box change to a Percentage, which reflects the daily gain or loss as a percentage rather than a number.

While many of you will still be wondering what this means to your daily dose of Social Media and Gaming – unfortunately the answer is probably nothing – but if you do want to make the most out of the application that has forever embedded itself into your life, at least you can use it to have fun watching stocks like Volkswagen bottom out after the latest scandal or see if your company has made enough money to pay you out a proper Christmas bonus this year.

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