The New iPhone 6 Touch Sensor? [Rumors]

Rumors, pictures, and details about the iPhone 6 are making their way around the internet like crazy. With iOS 8 right around the corner, the announcement of the iPhone 6 is getting closer and closer by the day. I recently shared what looks to be the next iPhone 6 sapphire crystal display and now I believe these photos are of the next generation Touch ID sensor for iPhone 6.

Although this new photo leak really isn’t much to look at, as more and more leaks surface, it leads me to believe the unveiling of the iPhone 6 is very close at this point. In the past, once we started seeing more and more leaks of the guts of the next generation iPhone, it was usually only a short time later that we all got to see the new iPhone all put together.

Each time a new iPhone comes out I get extremely excited to see what the actual changes are and compare them to what I was expecting based upon the rumors and concepts I followed the closest. I know it’s just a phone, but everyone has to have something they get excited about in life. For me, I always get excited about what Apple unveils to us with their product updates, they always seem to make a big production of it.

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