The Genius of MacID [App Review]

478740_largerThere are a lot of great apps on the Apple App Store, however its not often I come across an app that blows me away.

MacID by Kane Cheshire is one of those Apps. A mere moment after downloading I wondered how I ever lived without. I’m a frequent traveller, in the past year I have racked up a little over 300 miles and I take my mac everywhere I go. This obviously leaves me open to a lot of potential issues, nipping to the loo on the train, grabbing some food in an airport lounge; these are all times I have left my Macbook on the table and quickly nipped away. Remembering a couple of seconds later that I haven’t locked my computer and then having to quickly run back to it.

MacID has come up with a genius fix. MacID lets you lock or unlock you Mac using your iPhone 5s or greater. Using touch ID all you have to do is tap to lock, and tap to unlock your Mac. Brilliant I know, but it gets a little better. MacID can also be setup using a proximity sensor so if you get caught by the call of nature and potter too far away from your computer it locks, and when you come back it unlocks again. This is done by using the ‘continuity hand off feature’ built-in to both the newer Macs and the IPhone 5s or greater.

There are obviously many positives to this, firstly your Mac will be password protected; which is a massive positive.

Ufortunately there is one small negative, I have found the app a little clumsy to use and have had to open task manager, close the app and then reopen it to connect to my Mac. Annoying but not game changing. I’d still recommend this app to anyone who travels with their beloved computer.

MacID can be found in the App Store for only £2.99 ($3.99 USD).

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) A great app, unfortunately let down by connectivity issues.



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