The App Development Process

The app development process can seem complicated to “newbies,” however it actually is quite straightforward. At Zapporoo we turn your ideas into reality. Have you ever come across an app, and thought, “I can make something better!”. With Zapporoo’s help, you can go further than just dreaming up great apps, and actually make one yourself! Working with an app development company streamlines the process significantly, allowing you to focus on the actual design rather than stressing about coding or finding an interested investor. Let’s take a deeper look at the app development process to prepare you for the fascinating journey you’re about to take:


Once you have your brilliant app idea, it’s time to document it. This is important for legal reasons, as it provides you with proof should another attempt to steal your idea. It’s also necessary to document the idea as part of a presentation to your chosen app development company. The company will want to know exactly what your app is about and why people should use it, so the more you write down about it, the better.


The next step in the app development process is discussion. After pitching your app to a development company and piquing their interest, you’ll likely enjoy a in-depth discussion about your design. A reputable app development company such as Zapporoo will make it easy to discuss your app with its design team, and you’ll remain involved in every part of the process. The company is open to working with all types of app developers regardless of technical prowess and budget.

Design and Coding

How the app looks is almost as essential as how it works, and your design team will work with you to develop a prototype that matches your vision. Building a quality app also requires correct coding, but don’t fret if unfamiliar with this process. That’s what the app team at Zapporoo is for!Zapporoo-App-Adventurers


Another vital step in the app development process? Testing. It doesn’t matter how great your app is or how appealing it looks if it doesn’t work! Alpha and beta testing are therefore imperative.


After all “bugs” are worked out, your app will be ready for launch on your selected platform. Working with an app design company such as Zapporoo again comes in very handy, as the company will assist you in launching and marketing your app.

To learn more about the app development process, please contact the team at Zapporoo today.

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