Test Your Puzzle Solving Skills in ‘Secret Files: Sam Peters’ [App Review]

Secret-Files-Sam-Peters-IconI love a good challenge when it comes to games on my iOS devices. When I saw Deep Silver Fishlabs released a new installment for the Secret Files series, I was immediately intrigued and couldn’t wait to write an article about it here on iOS Etc before heading over to the App Store to download this latest development and provide a full review of Secret Files: Sam Peters. Shortly after I started playing, I realized I was going to have my work cut out for me though.

After you’re shown how to navigate within the game you’re introduced to Sam Peters, a reporter for “Uncharted,” where she reports on excavations from some of the worlds most remote locations. Recently Sam Peters and her team were kidnapped by terrorist, but her and Max escaped only to lose contact with each other after a volcano erupts. Sam’s trying to inform the Indonesian authorities about their abduction by making her way to the mainland to bring help. This is where the game begins and you must help Sam make her way off the island.

While searching throughout the landscape of the island, much like the rest of the game, you’ll discover items to add to your inventory. It takes a bit of trail and error to discover how these items can be combined to help you create exactly what you need to help Sam off the island. As you progress through Secret Files: Sam Peters you’ll discover a lot of the items you come across are more useful when you combine them with other items you discover during your travels. At first some items or information you’re given won’t seem relatable until you find yourself in a situation where you must solve a riddle or puzzle to advance. You must recall on information you’ve previously received or visit your inventory to see how items you’ve collected can help you and Sam Peters.

In some cases, you must retrace your steps or go back to previous spots on the map in order to pick up items you weren’t previously able to grab. Some items you come across aren’t accessible until you’ve accessed the appropriate tool to free items you’ve previously encountered. At times it can be frustrating since answers aren’t staring you right in the face. Quite a few times I found myself thinking back on screens I just advanced passed to try and brainstorm about items or clues I might’ve missed. This made me cling to Sam Peters every word or searching every inch of the environment to ensure I wasn’t missing something.

There were times I had to back out of the game and walk away from it since I was completely stumped at times. I found a little time away from the game helped me clear my head for the next time I picked the game up. One thing is for sure, if there were hints I could’ve used via in-app purchases, I know I would’ve bought them since I got frustrated at times. Thankfully though Secret Files: Sam Peters unlocks all content with just one purchase and doesn’t tempt me with other purchases just to squeeze a few more bucks out of me.


After three days of gameplay, I’ve made it pretty deep into the action of Secret Files: Sam Peters. Actually, I’m standing outside the Asanbosam cave figuring out my next move. I can honestly say I became less frustrated as the game went on since I started understanding the intricacies of the game better. That doesn’t mean I didn’t get frustrated as the game went on. It got progressively harder, it’s just that I started realizing I should combine the items I had in my inventory early to have a better understanding of how they could be used as the game progressed.

Graphics are good at lower screen brightness levels, but I did notice the environment seemed to come alive when I turned my iPad mini’s screen brightness all the way up. One thing I really enjoyed was the character voices telling the story instead of reading through each screen. If I didn’t want to listen, all I had to do was touch the screen and the dialogue would advance.

Overall Secret Files: Sam Peters is very entertaining and challenging when it comes puzzle solving games. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t stump me a few times. This forced me to thoroughly review items in my inventory or try and recall the information previously shared with me to properly decipher the next step.

A word of warning though, If you get frustrated easily with puzzles or have trouble paying attention to details, Secret Files: Sam Peters might be a game you should take a pass on. If you’re up for some critical thinking that’ll have you paying attention to the minor details, then you must download Secret Files: Sam Peters today and start playing. For only $2.99 you get all the content it has to offer without any hidden in-app purchases.

(4 / 5)


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