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The Terrapin Polka Dot Wallet (available in the UK Amazon store) for my iPhone 6s was a great buy!  I have been wanting to get a case that I could use as a purse/wallet, especially to go out on the weekends.  Actually, I like it so much, I’ve started to use it throughout the week as well. It’s strong, convenient, and cute

This wallet and case is perfect to use in several ways.  For example, it’s great if you are looking for a clutch-type purse to go out at night and on the weekends and not have to carry a large purse.  This is what I was looking for and it has worked very well for this.  When I’m out at a bar or club, the case either fits in my pocket, if I have one, or on my wrist using the strap.  The strap is short enough to keep it out of the way, but big enough so it doesn’t feel tight.  Another use is if you are not big purse carrier most of the time.  I’ve always been someone who carries a big purse, but I found the wallet so convenient on the weekends that I’ve started using it on some weekdays as well. It’s taught me that maybe I don’t have to always carry so much!  And, when I do decide to use a bigger purse, I just use this case as my wallet and put the whole thing in my purse – no need to switch all my stuff every time.

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IMG_2250It has a solid case built-in for the iPhone 6s.  It feels secure and I don’t worry about it falling out.  In fact, if feels safer than a regular case because the wallet is made of strong padding and the case part is a solid, heavy plastic.  It was easy to get my phone in the first time (and every other time), but I did struggle at first to get it back out.  However, once I figured out to press on one corner, it came out easily.  But not so easily that I felt like it would pop out when I don’t want it to.  The closing flap uses a strong magnet that keeps it closed even with a phone, credit cards, and money inside.

Now Available for iPhone 7 on the UK Amazon Site


Using the phone is pretty smooth.  The sides fold back if you want to hold it like a regular phone, or you can even hold onto one of the sides to get a better grip on it.  I’ve texted, used apps, and made phone calls with little difficulty.  There is an opening for the camera so you can even take pictures without removing the phone from the case.  Just be careful not to fold the flap over when taking pictures so it doesn’t block the camera.

IMG_2255For the wallet side, there are four slots for cards and a space for cash.  The first slot is perfect for your ID.  It doesn’t have a window for the ID, but it’s much easier to get out than other wallets I’ve had with windows.  And when I’m asked for my ID, they often don’t just look at the window, they want to see the ID, so this is actually easier.  The other three slots can hold up to two cards each, so plenty of capacity.  The cash area is easy to get to and holds a decent number of bills (especially today when we don’t carry much cash anymore).  There is not a specific place for change, but you could put it in the cash area if you are someone who likes to keep change.

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IMG_2251 (2)I chose the brick-red case with a cute polka-dot pattern on the inside.  The color is deep, but it’s broad enough to go with most outfits.  You don’t really see the inside pattern until you open it up, which is fun to see and I’ve had friends and strangers comment on how pretty it is.


Overall I have been very happy with my wallet choice and I recommend it.  It comes in other colors/patterns and will make a great addition to your purse and phone case collection.

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