Could This Terrapin Case Replace a Wallet?


There are a lot of iPhone case options out there. A simple search on Amazon will show you just how flooded the market is with cases. I’ll be the first one to admit I’m quite picky when it comes to cases. I don’t want to spend a lot of money but I want something that is classy, functional, and stylish. Terrapin has quite a few options for many different smartphones on the market and I’ve had the pleasure reviewing one of their low profile wallet cases over the past couple weeks.

Overall Functionality

The Terrapin low profile wallet with stand is a multi-purpose and highly functional iPhone case. With slots for credit cards, it’s attempting to replace your wallet for those heavy credit or debit card users. Since this case is devoid of other slots, it’s wont be able to securely store your receipts or cash.

Your iPhone screen has two lines of defense with this Terrapin case. Even though the case is low profile, you’ll enjoy raised edges while your iPhone is seated in the case. Your second line of defense is the cover. Although it features synthetic leather in-place of genuine leather (other Terrapin cases use genuine leather), it still offers great protection from scrapes and minor drops while the cover is closed.

The stand on this case is great, and my favorite feature. I’ve used it while texting on my iPhone 6s Plus and it’s perfect. Bing watching Netflix is even more enjoyable too. Your iPhone is propped up in the perfect position to spend hours watching House of Cards. This will be handy for travelers who love using their iPhone on a plane.

Now Available for iPhone 7 on the US Amazon Site


Wallet Replacement?

You’ll be disappointed if you’re looking to replace your wallet with this Terrapin case. Without a spot for holding onto some cash, it just doesn’t make sense. With that being said, the case would then lose the low profile characteristics. This case is all about keeping a low profile. The moment you start piling more into this case it loses all credibility of being compact.

If you’re like me, you use your credit card as a debit card to take advantage of reward programs. Carrying cash around is rare for me. Instead, I use my credit card all the time so this style of case just makes sense for me. I’m still carrying a wallet which houses other important cards I need like my health insurance or AAA cards.

With Apple Pay making more appearances in retailers, wallet cases like this will become more appealing. In the meantime, it will be hard for a lot of people to make the switch. If you’re looking to get ahead of the trend, this Terrapin case is the perfect starter.


Coming in at under $11 in the US Amazon store, this case is an absolute steal (£8.95 in the UK Amazon store or visit the Terrapin site). With available features and functions, it seems you would pay a little bit more. Given the outside casing is made of synthetic leather pulls it back inline with budget friendly pricing.

Personally I would pay a little more for a case with actual leather. Not everyone feels the same way, so it all boils down to personal preference. I’ve had numerous leather cases over my iPhone years and find they hold up the best when it comes to normal wear and tear, which results in greater longevity.



  • Semi wallet replacement
  • Compact
  • Rubberized cradle for less slip and more grip
  • Raised cradle profile for screen protection
  • Case cover for further screen protection which adds a touch of classiness and privacy
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Stand lets users watch videos, text in landscape mode with ease on Plus models


  • Synthetic leather already showing wear, especially on cover flap
  • Only two creidt card slots
  • Edges are not tucked, glued, and stitched together which promotes easier wear
Now Available for iPhone 7 on the UK Amazon Site


The integrity of this Terrapin low profile cases really hinges on a few things: synthetic leather and material exposed around the edges.

Like most iPhone users, I’m on my phone a lot throughout the day. Since I don’t carry a purse, or a man purse, I resort to putting my iPhone in my back pocket. While taking the Terrapin case in and out of my pocket the locking flap continually gets caught on my pocket hem. This has quickly started splitting edges on the exposed material.


I’ve owned similar cases in the past and enjoyed many months of use. It should be noted though that the cases with the greatest longevity were those made of leather and the fabric edges are tucked, glued, and sewn together.

With all this being said, I still believe this low profile case will stand the test of time with normal wear and tear. Given it’s already gone through a couple of weeks in my possession, it’s still in great shape with only a few areas showing wear.

A Wallet Replacement?

Until more locations offer Apple Pay, I don’t see the Terrapin low profile case replacing my wallet. I consider myself a debit and credit card aficionado and I still carry my wallet while using this iPhone case. It’s not the cases fault, you just need too much to move about on any given day. As soon as Apple Pay is more widely accepted, using a wallet case like this will be easier.

If you’re only carrying two cards in your wallet, then you’re definitely ready to ditch your wallet for this case. If not, you’re probably like me and still need a wallet for daily use.

Visit the Terrapin Site for iPhone 7 Cases


At first glance this looks like a premium case. When you open it up and give it a once over, you’ll still think it’s a high quality case. What does knock down the quality of this particular Terrapin case is the synthetic leather. If you need to save a few bucks, this case will serve you fine for many months. If you can spare a few bucks, spring for a leather case. You’ll enjoy the higher quality feel without sacrificing much money on the upgrade.

I’m going to sound picky but it’s a personal preference, so it doesn’t count on my scoring of this case. Generally I’m not a huge fan of contrast stitching, it just looks tacky in some cases. Car interiors being one and iPhone cases being another. This case has contrast stitching and I don’t find it appealing. Some people love the look, but I don’t. Again, this is just a personal preference.


Final Thoughts

Those in the market to test out a wallet style case will be pleased with the Terrapin low profile wallet case. Although there are only two card slots available on this particular case, it allows you to see if this style is something you would enjoy. Leaving your wallet at home seems irresponsible given how many important items we need at any given time. As time goes on, a lot of the items we carry will be accessible digitally on our smart devices. Getting accustomed to the concept now allows you to transition more smoothly when this time comes.

Since this case features synthetic leather, I’m a bit worried about how it will stand up to wear and tear over time. Under normal circumstances, this Terrapin case will do just fine, but if you’re rough on your cases you should probably spend the extra money on the leather case Terrapin offers in this same style. In my experience with cases, leather has always stood the test of time better than any synthetic material options.

For the money, you can’t go wrong with this case. It’s a great change of pace from what you may traditionally use and with the built in stand you can easily watch videos or text in landscape mode. I’ve spent a lot more money on other cases and been far less pleased than I am with this Terrapin low profile case. It’s budget friendly and has a lot of great features you may not find on similar styles.

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