Taichi Panda the Incredible New Dungeon Crawler Taking the World by Storm [App Review]

Taichi-Panda-IconThis all new game app is the best iOS game app in the second quarter of 2014, according to Apple Tell Magazine and one quick demo on this and you will quickly see why. This game is well established and known throughout China where some 10 million regular players do battle against one another or in a multi-player environment.

Taichi Panda is a free online game where you will have to upgrade your character and your equipment to make your team stronger, fitter and into a battle winning side. You can even have pets, which will also need upgrading if you wish to have your battle companions help you defeat the evil bosses.

The graphics in Taichi Panda are simply stunning; much of the game will see you crawling and walking through colourful labyrinths and wild jungle terrain. However, much caution should be taken as you will occasionally fall into some evil creature’s carefully laid trap. The animation tends to be fast, furious and lightning paced. This is particularly noticeable when doing hand to hand combat situations. It really is the ultimate hack and slash sort of battle you’ll get involved in, and there are plenty of bandits, goblins and evil pandas to do one’s fighting against.Taichi_Panda_iPhone

Once you get used to the fast pace and speed of the game, you’ll need to upgrade and upgrade everything – the character you will have chosen, the equipment and weaponry you have and the pets too. The stronger they all are, the more chance you’ll have in restoring the cosmic balance of Taichi.

The gameplay is in real time against complete strangers or friends, so it’s possible to become the ultimate champion in Taichi simply by forming formidable relationships with fellow adventurers in the dungeons to go head to head with the enemy of bosses.

It’s all about choosing your character, upgrading everything and using skills to beat the evil bosses in a fast-paced environment among many colourful and illustrious arenas. For those who are familiar with Taichi Panda, you’ll be pleased to learn the latest updated version features so many new dynamic extras, it’s almost like playing an adapted new and shiny version.

The new additions include an all new battle pet, a new decathlon playing mode, new team dungeons and a new deer chase battlefield zone, which can be found in the multi-player three on three mode.

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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