Sweating Buckets with FitStar [App Review]

640259_largerMany of us strive to be slimmer, fitter and healthier. It’s the most commonly made New Years resolution according to USA Gov, but it’s not easy; running on treadmills and lifting weights soon becomes boring.

So two weeks ago I set out to find an app that I could use often, and would help me keep fit. After spending over 20minutes digging through the app store I came across FitStar. FitStar didn’t seem like those 7minute work out apps I’m used to seeing. It looked different, it looked like it had been developed with dedication and looked like an entire gym, crushed into a app!

I pressed download and when I got home fired the app up. It was at this point I could tell FitStar was something different. Unlike every other fitness app I have used, FitStar first asked me to take a 6 minute fitness test. After each individual exercise, the app asked for my feedback ‘too easy’, ‘just right’ or ‘brutal’. 6 minutes later FitStar had reduced me to a sweaty mess, but recommended based on my weight, height and fitness level that I should take the ‘Get Lean’ package, but this can be changed if you don’t want to follow the apps advice.

Each session is around 40minutes and broken down in to cardio, strength and balance. Each exercise is beautifully presented and demonstrated. The app will ask you for feedback after each exercise, no matter what routine you are doing, this is to ensure you are getting the best work out possible. If you find something too easy it makes it last longer next time, because of this 13 days after downloading the app I’m still seeing new exercises pop up, keeping me on my toes and making sure i’m not getting bored of the same old thing.

There is also a freestyle option. Freestyle is a one off workout that gives you a boost if you need it, for example ‘Morning Stretches’ or ‘Date Night Pump Up’ these are a great addition to the standard workouts and I have found myself doing these on nights when I either need a little extra boost, starting to doze off on a night shift or when I have a spare 15 minutes.

FitStar also has a website which you can access all of your details from and will even sync with your app. So you could start a work out on your phone and then move it to your Apple TV/Mac with no issues. This I find to be a fantastic touch as I can plug my Mac into the TV (I don’t have an Apple TV) and start my work out and then if I get interrupted I can simply resume the work out from my phone.1FitStar also rewards workouts and milestones with badges, which not only fill you with a sense of achievement, these can be shared on Twitter where FitStar is very active in motivating you to do more and congratulating you on all your hard work.

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Unfortunately all of these great features don’t come free, the app itself is free to download and will offer a restricted workout schedule to free users. In order to unlock all of the great premiums features you will need a monthly subscription of £3.99 ($4.99) however there is a referral program. This means for every friend you refer you both get a month free, so use the promo code ZFBW66 to get your first month on me.

FitStar is available in the App Store for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

(5 / 5) I have used FitStar for 13 days now and lost 9lbs, I managed to fit back into a shirt I haven’t worn for 2 years. Although the subscription is a little pricey it is worth every penny. I cannot recommend this app enough.

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