Subject Lines in Your Text Messages on iPhone [Just A Tip]

When texting became popular, I truly believed I would still prefer to write an email or make the phone call to communicate with someone. This definitely is not the case anymore. Texting is something I do numerous times throughout the day. Text messaging is a blessing in disguise when it comes to saving me time. Recently I’ve noticed I’m referring back to a lot of conversations I’ve had in text messages though. I know you can use the search function to refer back to information in previous messages, but there’s an option you can enable that makes searching for a specific message even easier.

If you’re text messaging back and forth with one of your contacts, you might want to consider adding subject lines to your text messages. This will be extremely handy if you need to refer back to messages you’ve previously sent. Think of the subject line in a text the same as you would the subject line in an email. This is a very convenient option to enable on your iPhone or iPad. Once enabled, you will notice two lines in your text message preview area. The top line is for your subject and the bottom line is for the content of your message.

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One thing to note here is the subject line will also be sent to the person you’re conversing with. So make sure you’re subject line is PC—especially if you’re sending a message to your boss. Check out the images below to find out more about this option and how to enable it.

Why would this function be helpful? Well, if you need to refer back to a message you’ve sent, you will be able to quickly narrow your results by searching for the subject line used. Any conversation you’ve had with that subject line will show up in the search results.

If you don’t use the subject line in your text, you won’t receive a message informing you the subject line is empty after hitting send like you get with emails. You can use it on a case-by-case basis.

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