Strike Up A Different Conversation With ‘Dasher’ [App Review]

Dasher_IconAre you tired of your less than interesting news feed on Facebook? Do you have only a select group of friends that really understand your humor? There are plenty of things I find online that I’d like to share with some friends but I’m afraid other people following me would find it in bad taste. Those days appear to be over now that I’ve found Dasher Messenger!

Dasher is a great way to shake things up on how you digest and share your thoughts and rich content with friends. Dasher uses “smart links” to transform your ordinary discussions into stunning conversations filled with rich clickable media content. For the most part, when you click on shared content in the conversation you stay in Dasher. Now when you watch that YouTube video, you don’t have to find your way back into Dasher.

Dasher_Screenshot_1Smart links also allow you to see a preview of what the shared content entails. A link to an article will provide a brief description in Dasher so those in the conversation can decide whether or not to check out what you’ve just shared with them.

Do you get a kick out of GIFs, but have a hard time finding one let alone figuring out how to post it? Dasher is going to let you steal the show by simply typing hashtag then a word which then initiates an auto search for a GIF that best suits the word you provided. If you’re not happy with the GIF Dasher found, simply select refresh at the bottom and a new one is automatically added. Keep refreshing till you find the best one to suit your discussion or swipe left to delete.

Sharing photos in Dasher is super simple too. Photos on your iOS device are easily added to the conversation as long as you give Dasher access to your photos.

Did you find a photo on a website you’d like to share in your conversation? Cut and paste the link into your message and the photo appears thanks to those smart links discussed earlier. Normally you would save a picture you find online to your device and then add it to a text message. If you forget to delete the picture from your device, you’re wasting precious storage space on your iOS device. With Dasher you don’t have to worry about unnecessarily using up storage space on your iOS devices.

Are you starting to see how Dasher looks like your news feed on Facebook yet?

With awesome smart links, you can enjoy a private content rich conversation with friends who really understand your sense of humor. Now you don’t have to worry about offending the 400 other friends you have on Facebook since they’re not part of this conversation you’re having on Dasher.

Sometimes you really want to share something hilarious without coming across as a jerk. Dasher lets you exercise those demons with their content rich conversation starter app.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? But Dasher isn’t done impressing us just yet.

Wanna coordinate dinner out with friends, why not use Dasher? Start a group text and send everyone a link to where you want to go from Yelp or Foursquare along with the time. Next, encourage everyone meeting up for dinner to tap “On My Way” before they leave home. For the next hour, everyone in the group chat will see their location. What a great way to see how far away someone is from the restaurant without encouraging them to text while driving.



Now with everyone at the dinner table enjoying a few cocktails, you realize you forgot to split the check. Dasher has one more trick up their sleeve. When the bill comes, everyone can send you money through Dasher since it uses Venmo to send secure payments from their bank account or debit card. Everyone hates I.O.U.s and with Dasher you get paid quickly while racking up those reward points on your credit card.

It’s hard to convince me to break away from the native messaging apps on my iPhone 6 Plus. If it doesn’t offer up any advantages, it’s just another app I’ll download and use for maybe a week until it eventually just gets lost amongst the sea of icons on my “bigger than bigger” iPhone 6 Plus screen. Dasher offers up fun and relevant options you won’t find on the native messenger app on your iOS device. Dasher feels like an active news feed amongst friends where everyone is encouraged to offer up their views and opinions in interesting fashion.

If you’re looking for a way to move your conversations off of Facebook without sacrificing your news feed, you must check out Dasher and invite your friends to join in on a new way to engage in iConversation. Dasher is a free download in the App Store and available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can even use Dasher online in a full size browser window if you’d like. Simply go to from your desktop and start enjoying some, but not all, of the features this conversation piece has to offer.

(4.5 / 5)

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